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    Ondine <3

    Linky-link here if you get ahold of the knights one! I'd love to troll through it again!
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    Wow! You have had some fantastic suggestions!!! Gorgeous combos, thrown out there! I am not sure I can add anything... I will say, I too adore Willow for you, and Josephine (Nick Name, Josie) is just so perfect!
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    I don't have time to reply properly to everyone at the moment but is this the link we were looking for?? Seems to be only gents...I was thinking there was one with ladies too? Ahhhh someone help preggo brain here! Of Knights and Heroes... and the Rest of the Gang

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    This the one?


    I also arranged them into lists: Battle Maidens, Enchantresses and Ladies Fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhiatayler View Post
    Ooh sessha always comes up with good stuff. Rapunzel is cute, and super cool, and princessy without being frilly. And it does lend itself to even cooler nicknames. Plus even though its a little out there, EVERYONE knows how to pronounce it. I think i may have a new name crush. Lol. See what you do sessh? My list is already miles long
    Ahaha, I don't know whether to say thank you or apologize! So I'll just say glad I could help inspire you ^_^ Your avatar is swoonworthy, btw!
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