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    His list:
    Audrey - try Aubrey or Ottilie
    Aurora - why do you have to use Rory for this? try Aurelia
    Felicity - love this name, try Felicia? even if Peregrine try Phillipa?
    Natalie - Natalia?
    Seren - will be confused with way too many other names. 'did you say sarah? serena? etc' i have a name that sounds like everything and its not fun. so go with a name with a lil more definition like Serena instead, the 'a' can really help peoples ears & distinguish a more individual name
    Alice - go with other A's - Amelia is very strong and aero dynamic!
    Lucy - why not Lavinia?
    Violet - a lovely name, try to come around too it, try variations like Violetta
    Grace - try another virtue: Chartiy (i know, no C's but it has a different sound that Caspian), Mercy, Verina
    Willow - too trendy, can hear this being a Will Smith daughter if they have more kids
    Hazel - love but trendy
    Astrid - try Astoria, i feel a very strong name
    Liberty - what about Lisbeth, Lisabetta?

    Her list:
    Fia - needs a full name
    Gwyneth - Paltrow. the woman who 'designed' a white tshirt and sold it for $100, the name is forever ruined for me
    Magnolia (I don't like Nola)
    Zinnia - feel like this is a 'i dont want to use a common flower so i found an out there one' name
    Azalea - same as above
    Willow - as above - too trendy, can hear this being a Will Smith daughter if they have more kids
    Sunniva - okay, but very sunny, really overly so.
    Ivany - try Cecily
    Anatolia - waaaay too warrior queen, tone it down a lil
    Zanna - ok but feels like a trendy 'im trying to find a Z name that hasnt been used'
    Iverine (family name)
    Magdalen - i want to tack on an 'e' at the end, otherwise Biblical and strong, loving Maggie right now or even Magda
    Roxanne - strong, lovely, classic, also try Roxanna
    Nova - as with Cosima and Galaxia, people are trying way too hard to find 'different names'. plus its a car model.

    your list IS very 'too foreign, too out-there' and a whole lot of name for a person. and some just feel like you are trying waaaay to hard to find something 'different' . but your husband agreed to 3 other out there names and compared to them these arent that bad.

    Scarlett - over used
    Rose - try a different combo: Rosemarie
    Fia-Rose - doesnt work, at all

    Edelweiss - i love this name, but spelling and pronunciation for most people will be horrible. luckily its a middle but only use if you really love it.
    Shenandoah - why? why do this to a child? even if its a middle. try Sierra instead.
    Roxanne - lovely, strong, dont move this to middle, use as first
    Quinn/Quinta - waaaaay too trendy
    Serafina - way overly fluffy, but becoming popular due to the Aflecks, skip.
    PS THERE IS NO FIA IN THIS, ITS FINA. if you have to scramble letters around for a nickname its not a nickname, no one will call her Fia from this.
    Marigold - just ok, i always think of the bird from Stuart Little 2 but her name was actually Margalo (NOT A NAME SUGGESTION LOL)
    Livny - sounds like its a short form of a longer name, plus kinda sounds like living, skip
    Daisy - cute and lovely, a keeper
    Beatrix - Potter, love me some Petter Rabbit, but the Bea names have gotten too popular lately
    Dulcinea - i think of a Spanish milk maid. skip
    Iverine - family + nice ring + different? a great pick
    Pegeen - for a girl? wait - for anyone? plus its too close to Peregrine

    my suggestions
    a classic strong girl? i think of Alexandria, Miriam, Victoria/Vittoria, (know you dont want C, but the sound it different from Caspian) Cordelia, Anya, Veronica, the basic (but that can be a good thing) Joan, switch leads be to the unisex Sloane, and for some reason Heather is coming to mind.

    "But not wimpy little fainting princesses who have never seen a speck of dirt" - when i hear people say things like this i think they may need to not think so much into the names like they have some magical power to make sure your child turns out the way YOU want - no matter what you do your child may end up being a little wimpy bratty little princess.
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    I love Tesla! And Zelda and Zora. Actually Zelda and Zora were on my lost for you, but I edited them out because of your no Z's rule. And I adore every single name Sessha suggested for you, especially Wendy. Eve & Wendy would be darling (hehe) sisters.
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    Wow @orphanedhanyou, harsh!!
    Also, just wanted to check if you were joking when you (twice) said that Willow could be a Will Smith future daughter...? Will Smith HAS a daughter named Willow Smith. She's 12.
    (PS @saracita00, I totally think you could get Fia out of Serafina. It makes a lot more sense than Jack out of John or Hank out of Henry. Nicknames do NOT have to be literally within the name. That's not the point).

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    A few old favorites that I can't remember seeing in your posts. No particular order or reasoning - strong, kinda sexy, tad mysterious, not too cray-cray, cute little girl nickname potential:

    Philomena - Fia!
    Jolie - (but maybe not with Evie)
    Helene or Elin
    Imogene or Ingrid
    Sigrid or Sabine
    Marin or Marit

    Sounds like something Welsh (Arianwen, Gweneira?) or Scandinavian (there are a few up there) or better yet, something medieval, would hit that nail. Have you gone back through that awesome knights post? I can't remember if there were girls names, too. The forum search ain't working for me these days
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    Willow is beautiful! I really like Violet too, but how about Viola or Violetta. I also love Alice a lot, it's my favourite name at the moment. However I agree with you about Lucy and Hazel. From your list I ike most of them especially Azalea, Nova and Magnolia. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

    Stunning middle name choice's though!
    Here are some suggestions;

    Azora (similar to Aurora?)
    Annaliese Rosalie ; Eden Iris ; Isobel Claire
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