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    His list:
    Audrey - try Aubrey or Ottilie
    Aurora - why do you have to use Rory for this? try Aurelia
    Felicity - love this name, try Felicia? even if Peregrine try Phillipa?
    Natalie - Natalia?
    Seren - will be confused with way too many other names. 'did you say sarah? serena? etc' i have a name that sounds like everything and its not fun. so go with a name with a lil more definition like Serena instead, the 'a' can really help peoples ears & distinguish a more individual name
    Alice - go with other A's - Amelia is very strong and aero dynamic!
    Lucy - why not Lavinia?
    Violet - a lovely name, try to come around too it, try variations like Violetta
    Grace - try another virtue: Chartiy (i know, no C's but it has a different sound that Caspian), Mercy, Verina
    Willow - too trendy, can hear this being a Will Smith daughter if they have more kids
    Hazel - love but trendy
    Astrid - try Astoria, i feel a very strong name
    Liberty - what about Lisbeth, Lisabetta?

    Her list:
    Fia - needs a full name
    Gwyneth - Paltrow. the woman who 'designed' a white tshirt and sold it for $100, the name is forever ruined for me
    Magnolia (I don't like Nola)
    Zinnia - feel like this is a 'i dont want to use a common flower so i found an out there one' name
    Azalea - same as above
    Willow - as above - too trendy, can hear this being a Will Smith daughter if they have more kids
    Sunniva - okay, but very sunny, really overly so.
    Ivany - try Cecily
    Anatolia - waaaay too warrior queen, tone it down a lil
    Zanna - ok but feels like a trendy 'im trying to find a Z name that hasnt been used'
    Iverine (family name)
    Magdalen - i want to tack on an 'e' at the end, otherwise Biblical and strong, loving Maggie right now or even Magda
    Roxanne - strong, lovely, classic, also try Roxanna
    Nova - as with Cosima and Galaxia, people are trying way too hard to find 'different names'. plus its a car model.

    your list IS very 'too foreign, too out-there' and a whole lot of name for a person. and some just feel like you are trying waaaay to hard to find something 'different' . but your husband agreed to 3 other out there names and compared to them these arent that bad.

    Scarlett - over used
    Rose - try a different combo: Rosemarie
    Fia-Rose - doesnt work, at all

    Edelweiss - i love this name, but spelling and pronunciation for most people will be horrible. luckily its a middle but only use if you really love it.
    Shenandoah - why? why do this to a child? even if its a middle. try Sierra instead.
    Roxanne - lovely, strong, dont move this to middle, use as first
    Quinn/Quinta - waaaaay too trendy
    Serafina - way overly fluffy, but becoming popular due to the Aflecks, skip.
    PS THERE IS NO FIA IN THIS, ITS FINA. if you have to scramble letters around for a nickname its not a nickname, no one will call her Fia from this.
    Marigold - just ok, i always think of the bird from Stuart Little 2 but her name was actually Margalo (NOT A NAME SUGGESTION LOL)
    Livny - sounds like its a short form of a longer name, plus kinda sounds like living, skip
    Daisy - cute and lovely, a keeper
    Beatrix - Potter, love me some Petter Rabbit, but the Bea names have gotten too popular lately
    Dulcinea - i think of a Spanish milk maid. skip
    Iverine - family + nice ring + different? a great pick
    Pegeen - for a girl? wait - for anyone? plus its too close to Peregrine

    my suggestions
    a classic strong girl? i think of Alexandria, Miriam, Victoria/Vittoria, (know you dont want C, but the sound it different from Caspian) Cordelia, Anya, Veronica, the basic (but that can be a good thing) Joan, switch leads be to the unisex Sloane, and for some reason Heather is coming to mind.

    "But not wimpy little fainting princesses who have never seen a speck of dirt" - when i hear people say things like this i think they may need to not think so much into the names like they have some magical power to make sure your child turns out the way YOU want - no matter what you do your child may end up being a little wimpy bratty little princess.
    i do not ignore the Rich Text toolbar provided me. i bold, italicize, enlarge, underline and CAPITALIZE for emphasis, individuality, and to capture attention among the endless Arial Standard Size Font that everyone else uses.
    i am not screaming nor will i cosset you. i do this to highlight the most important aspect of my thoughts so they are not lost again in the never ending sea of tiny, black, tempered letters that make up forums everywhere.
    ~*~ i encourage you to do the same ~*~

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    I love Tesla! And Zelda and Zora. Actually Zelda and Zora were on my lost for you, but I edited them out because of your no Z's rule. And I adore every single name Sessha suggested for you, especially Wendy. Eve & Wendy would be darling (hehe) sisters.
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    Wow @orphanedhanyou, harsh!!
    Also, just wanted to check if you were joking when you (twice) said that Willow could be a Will Smith future daughter...? Will Smith HAS a daughter named Willow Smith. She's 12.
    (PS @saracita00, I totally think you could get Fia out of Serafina. It makes a lot more sense than Jack out of John or Hank out of Henry. Nicknames do NOT have to be literally within the name. That's not the point).

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    A few old favorites that I can't remember seeing in your posts. No particular order or reasoning - strong, kinda sexy, tad mysterious, not too cray-cray, cute little girl nickname potential:

    Philomena - Fia!
    Jolie - (but maybe not with Evie)
    Helene or Elin
    Imogene or Ingrid
    Sigrid or Sabine
    Marin or Marit

    Sounds like something Welsh (Arianwen, Gweneira?) or Scandinavian (there are a few up there) or better yet, something medieval, would hit that nail. Have you gone back through that awesome knights post? I can't remember if there were girls names, too. The forum search ain't working for me these days
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    Willow is beautiful! I really like Violet too, but how about Viola or Violetta. I also love Alice a lot, it's my favourite name at the moment. However I agree with you about Lucy and Hazel. From your list I ike most of them especially Azalea, Nova and Magnolia. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

    Stunning middle name choice's though!
    Here are some suggestions;

    Azora (similar to Aurora?)
    Annaliese Rosalie ; Eden Iris ; Isobel Claire
    Mummy of these three perfect kiddos

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