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    Shenandoah - what about Shannon? It's my young nieces name and I think it's a lovely classic that's underused.

    Quinn - it's nice

    Liberty - I didn't like this until I met a 12 year old named Libby and was thoroughly shocked to find her full name was Liberty

    Beatrix - love it

    Scarlett – I know a 9 year old named Scarlett and it works for her.

    Gwenyth – I think this is a lovely one and Gwen and Wendy would both be nice options

    Roxanne – hmm, Roslyn?

    Amaryllis – honestly this sounds like a snobby toddlers in tiaras sort of name to me...I like Priscilla better

    Lydia – sounds like a prime mn or second mn.

    Magdalene – I like it

    Wendy – I really love this one!

    Fiora – I much prefer Fiona and I think it would get mistaken for Fiona constantly

    Serafina – I don't hate it, it's sorta cool

    NadiaSonia? I like Nadia but you're right about the gymnast connection
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    Willow – This is one of my favorite names, and it's my top choice for you just by virtue of the fact that both you and your husband agree on it. What sort of person do you picture when you think of Willow? How do you visualize your daughter? In what ways are these two pictures similar and in what ways are they different? Think about that before you read my own associations, I don't want to influence your impressions too much
    I associate Willow with the tree of course, and all the things that means to me: mystery, ethereality, femininity, lushness, green, spring and new life, comfort and safety – some of these are because of a ginormous weeping willow that grew in our backyard when I was a kid…it was the entrance to my favorite play place which I named The Green Forest, and I spent hours cradled in its branches reading books. Character associations include the wise Grandmother Willow from Pocahantas and Willow Rosenburg from Buffy, with whom I deeply identify. The person I picture can fit any phase of life – a golden-haired girl with a touch of the fae about her, who runs wild and climbs trees and plays in the earth and grass like any tomboy, but does so in gossamer dresses – an introverted, intelligent, creative young adult with a bohemian style and an insatiable love for books – a gentle earthy mother who is a fabulous cook and an even better gardener, with keen knowing eyes that look right into the soul of a child who knows he's been bad – a wise and wrinkled grandmother with a halo of white hair and rose-leaf hands, sipping her tea in the garden of her little cottage. It's a beautifully feminine name without being frilly.

    Scarlett – Normally I'm not a fan of this name. I don't like the Scar part, I don't like Scarlett O'Hara, and the name itself has always seemed rather sharp and petulant. HOWEVER! I met a little Scarlett in the grocery store the other day, and she was so utterly precociously cute that now I have a positive association to counteract the rest. And Lettie is cute, but my favorite is Scarlett nn Star.

    Violet – Violet Alden is a lovely association. It is very purple, but in a soft dreamy way.

    Daisy – I agree that Daisy is quite cutesy, and as a Deep Southerner, it makes me think of Daisy Dukes. So I went on a mission to find a long form that could work with Daisy as a nickname! Apparently Marguerite is French for daisy, so Daisy has historically been used as a nickname for Marguerite, Margaret, and Margot/Margo. I do seem to remember no Mar names, so I also have Shasta, as in the Shasta daisy (plus some Narnian cred if you don't mind it being a prince's name) and ::drumroll:: Adelaide!! I swear sometimes inspiration just strikes, I'm not even responsible for it. How cute is Adelaide nn Daisy?

    Iverine – On the fence about this one, partly because I've never heard of it. EYE-vur-een? It has a certain ring to it, just not sure how I feel about Eve and Iverine...they're awfully similar.

    Gwyneth – Not sure why Gwyneth Paltrow is a nutjob…I've always found her rather classy. Maybe that's just because I don't follow Hollywood gossip, so only the truly horrific bits make it onto my radar. I think Gwyneth is lovely, soft and magical without being over the top.

    Roxanne – I'm with Mr. Sarah on this one…the "rocks" bit throws me, and it reminds me of that cheap teen brand Roxy, as well as the Roxanne song about the Lady of the Night. I know you want sexy, but that's probably too much sexy.

    Rose – I'm back and forth on Rose. I love the way it sounds and feels when I say it, but it's soooo common as to be un-special. Rhoslyn is my favorite Rose variant, it just has a more magical zing to it. Rosalind is my second fave for the Shakespearean connection.

    Amaryllis – I do love this! A nice counterpoint to Eve's middle name. A beautiful, unique, but not unheard-of flower name, and it flows well in the sibset.

    Lydia – I have never been able to love this one, for personal associations. There was a character named Lydia Bypath in one of my favorite books as a child. She was a horrid shrew and a busybody…when she finally got her comeuppance she overheard people calling her Bydia Pylath, so the name will forever be associated with rotten old biddies for me.

    Zora – Perhaps Mr. Sarah associates Cora and Nora with his mother or grandmother's generation, as they are recycled vintage names. Zora has always been an unusual name, so she would not have been common at the same time as Cora and Nora, and maybe doesn't have the "fusty old lady" vibe. Just a theory. If you're worried about the matching Z's you could do Alzora to get the A for your initial based stuff, but just always call her Zora.

    Magdalene – Okay I hit the inspiration jackpot on this one. Are you ready for this?? Magdalene. Nickname. DAGNY!!! Didn't you both love Dagny at one point? I think flow with your last name was the only reason you ditched it. Magdalene is the perfect win-win situation! You get a name you love that flows well with your last name, and he gets a super cute nickname that has standalone name cred and is one that you're actually on board with!

    Magnolia – I do think this is a beautiful option for you, it's rich Southern charm and vintage perfume. Some nickname brainstorming to make it more accessible to Mr. Sarah: Maggie, Meg, Meggie, Mia, Lia, Nia, Nola, Noli, Mal, Mollie (!!)

    Lilac – My favorite of your flower names, even above Amaryllis. Eve and Lilac are stunning together, dewy and wistful and delicate but strong. Love!

    Wendy – Yay! Out of all my suggestions, one has made it on the list. I consider that a success ^_^

    Fiora – A lovely intuitive way to Fia. Not my favorite name on your list, but worth a go!

    Serafina – I have never fully understood why people use Serafina as the example of frilliness. Perhaps because my first introduction to her was Serafina Pekkala, and then the Seraphim, which are hardly the froofy little cherubs of the angel realm. Add to that the meaning, "adent/fiery," and you have a pretty kickass name in my opinion!

    Ffion – Not 100% sure how to pronounce this. Is one of the F's silent? Or does one drag out the F sound like Ffffffion? Pardon my ignorance >_>

    Nadia – A beautiful name, icy and melodic, one I used to love before my husband's @#^&*! girl-space-friend decided to try and be his girl-no-space-friend and ruined it for me.

    River – You already know how much I love this name!! It's not my most favorite with your sibset, although obviously I think River and Eve are swoonworthy together. I guess I'm just hung up on Magdalene

    Some more suggestions along the Tesla/Zelda theme:
    Azenor – Cornish saint rumored to have been a mermaid, nn Zen, Nora
    Stella – Tesla anagram of sorts, nn Star
    Tilda – variant of Matilda that sounds a bit sleeker, nn Tillie, Tia
    Esmeralda – I know it breaks the initial rule, but it's a completely different E sound than Eve, and another creative way to Zelda! Other nns Esme, Emerald, Ada, Merry (but that doesn't work with Pippin). Not my best idea ever, but thought I'd put it out there
    Ziva – means bright, radiant
    Nazareth – too over the top? I NEED someone to use this Biblical place name, I mean people use Genesis and Galilee and Moriah and Cherith, why not Nazareth? nn Zara comes to mind
    Zahra – Arabic for white, Swahili for flower. I remember you liked ZAH-ruh, not ZARE-uh, so I figured this spelling is pretty intuitive to your preferred pronunciation.
    Horizon – I met a girl with this name, a stunner with white-blond hair and the bluest eyes. Her nn was Zoe. How cute is that??
    Demelza – Super fun! You could easily get Zelda from this, as well as Del, Mel/Mellie, Elza, Alma, Delia, Ella, or Esme.

    Some other suggestions at random:
    Sadie – almost-anagram of Daisy. I could easily find a long form if you like it.
    Aubrey – I remember Mr. Sarah likes Audrey, and Aubrey means elf-ruler. I knew a girl growing up name Aubrey and she was always getting compliments on her name.
    Shea – means fairy palace! O.o who'd have thought? Could be an awesome nickname for Shenandoah…
    Arietty – variation of Harriet, character in The Borrowers. I forgot to put her on my character-inspired list from last time.

    See, now I've REALLY written you a book. I can't help it, haha, never could resist a challenge!!
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    I love a lot of your choices, and I'll give you a quick reason why I think they are stellar:

    Serafina - it's stylish, versatile, timeless, a bit of a nod to yourself (which is only right and proper on number FIVE!), and it has the nn you want most of all, which has all the qualities you want. Plus you like the meaning. I think it fits well in your set, and with a shorter middle, I think it balances your daughter's name beautifully - Serafina Lilac, Serafina Roxanne, Serafina River, or Serafina Arden are all lovely.
    Magnolia - I agree with everyone else...these trees are stunning! The one out my window literally takes my breath away when it is in bloom. I love all the nn's, it's super versatile, and just plain pretty with plenty of cute nn's to make your hubby happy, I should think.
    Amaryllis - I really like this. The pretty yet quirky, musical-storybook aspect of this name make me think it fits just perfectly in your set. And nn's galore! Best of all - it's sort of an unexpected choice, which is what I like most for some reason with your other names.
    Karenza - this was mentioned before, it's a Cornish name that means 'love' I believe, and I think it's beautiful. It has a timelessness to it, and and I love the nn Wren, which is sweet. I considered this strongly for my own daughter's ten years ago and I still think it's swoon-worthy today!
    Lilac - I think this is brilliant. It is beautiful with Eve, it has a personality all it's own, and like someone else said, it's soft, haunting, and strong, too. Lila is a sweet nn on it's own, too, or even Elle (like the letter).
    Iverine - I think this is gorgeous and it's a family name and it's unusual and dashing! Wow! I do think it could sound too much like Eve, though. Lilac Iverine would be gorgeous.

    I also like Wendy and Daisy in theory, and really they are just so sweet and beguiling I can't picture anyone not loving them....However, I'm not sure they are the best with your set. Still - as a nn for Gweneira (I am one of those who cannot get past the Paltrow association, sadly; or Magdalene - both of which sound hauntingly beautiful to me, too), then I love them!

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    Some of my favourites of yours:

    Daisy – I know a 20-year-old Daisy and I think it just works. It's never seemed too cutesy on her (if that's your main worry). I still love the idea of Marguerite nn Daisy, but not sure if it works quite as well in your sibset.

    Iverine – this is lovely! Has significance too. I'm just wondering if Iva/Ivy as a nickname is just too close to Eve/Evie?

    GwenythLOVE LOVE LOVE this name. Honestly the Paltrow connection is not huge for me, and as a teenager I'm supposed to know all these people (haha). I think it's beautiful, and just perfect in your sibset. Gwen and Wendy are both lovely!

    RoxanneAh, this is lovely! I think I put it on a list for you before I realised you already had it! I only know one Roxanne (she gets Roxy) and she's around 20. I think it's a fun, spunky but somehow very sweet name. Rose, Annie, Roxy - all great nickname possibilities!

    Amaryllis – I happen to know an Amaryllis as well! I LOVE Rilla for a nickname (makes me think of Anne of GG); the Amaryllis I know gets Amy quite a lot.

    MagdaleneLove. Maggie, Magda, Lena - lovely nickname possibilities! It sounds so elegant and serene.

    Magnolia – This is one of my favourites. I love Maggie, Meg, and Nola for it. The flower is GORGEOUS and I think it fits in really well!

    WendyEver since reading Peter Pan (the real one, not the Disney crap) I've REALLY wanted a daughter named Wendy. I know a 20-year-old Wendy; but she's the only one I know IRL.

    FioraLOVE as a possibility for Fia! I was going to suggest Fira, but I love this even more! For some reason I'm getting a visual of fireworks over a Greek island at sunset - what's going on there?! Haha I think it's gorgeous and perfect with your sibset!

    Serafina – This is such a beautiful name. I don't think it's too frilly at all!

    Ffion – Really like this, but my favourites for you to get to Fia at the moment are (in order): 1. Fiora; 2. Serafina; 3. Ffion.

    Also just wanted to throw in Gretel again! My twin sister gets compliments all the time

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    Of the names on your list, I like Lydia best (also like the nn Lydie/Liddy)... I saw Pride & Prejudice on stage and the actress who played Lydia was phenomenal!

    I didn't read all the pages, so forgive me if these have been suggested but...

    Zanella nn Zanel or Nella or Nellie
    Anella nn Nella or Nelly
    Avonlea (ah-von-LEE)
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