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    Lena or Lina
    Winter nn Winnie

    (I can't remember which letters were off the table for you.)
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    Forgot to say that I love Wendy and like magdelene...but love Magdalena. Aso, as anyone mentioned...or have you thought about the nn Wendy or Winnie for some of the Gwen____ names you are considering?
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    Hey, Sara. Thought id come back and try yet again, im a glutton for punishment. Lol.

    Thessaly is pn just like it looks. thess-uh-lee

    Willow: I love the name Willow. Weeping willow trees are beautiful, and tts obviously what I see when picturing this. Then nn choices are a downside, but lolo is cute for a little girl.

    Scarlett: Scarlett is very classy to me. I love it. The nn Lettie is an adorable plus.

    Violet: One of my favorite flower names, but maybe a little bit popular. Nn lettie can come from this too. Also like nn Vivi.

    Daisy: I think youre right about it being too cutesy. Especially as a full name. I do like it as a nn though. It can come from Margaret or Marguerite which isnt everyones cup of tea. Ive also been toying around with Dahlia (day-lee-uh) nn Daisy.

    Iverine: This is really unusual and pretty. I love that it has personal signifigance to you, and Iva is a really cute nn. Ivy would be a cute nn too.

    Gwyneth: Definitely the most simple of the Gwen names. I really like it. It has a very woodsy feel to me for some reason. I see forest floors, and miles of trees.

    Roxanne: This one is spunky and feminine at the same time. Rose would be an adorable nn, never thought of that. I like Roxanna too.

    Rose: Boring I know. What about Rosalie or Rosalind, Rosaria, or Rosamund, Rosalie, or Rosaline... Lily-Rose? Maybe too floral. Hmm.

    Amaryllis: Yes this was what i meant in my pp. I use my phone to post 90% of the time, so not only does it take forever, but typos are inevitable , and spell checking all of it tires me out. Lol. But i still take the time to post. Anyways back to Amaryllis. I love the meaning. Its so great. Who wouldnt want such a sparkly name? Rilla is a cutr nn, but im sure milla, or mella, or millie, or mari isnt too much of a stretch.

    Lydia: Im never quite sure about this one either. It has revisited my list a few times only for me to decide i dont love it. Is it lovely? Quite. But, its just so.... Snore.

    Zora: So your hubby likes Zora but not Cora or Nora... What about Laura? Or Zara. I like Zahara! And Zoria. Zora is a nice name, but I do think I prefer the softer Zara. Although Zora is very kick-butt, and spunky.

    Magdalene: I like it. Magda or Maggie are cute nn. I like Magdalena as well.

    Magnolia: I adore Magnolia. My SO has a no flower names thing going on which breaks my heart. Mia is a very sweet nn, i had never thought of that. I really like Nola and Noli too.

    Lilac: Nn lila?

    Wendy: nms. I do see the appeal though. For a second I pondered Wanda and then decided i didnt love it. Wendy Angela Moira was wendy from peter pan

    Fiora: I love Fiora and Fia is super cute. I love Fiorella too but that may be too out there for you.

    Seraphina: I have to admit i find it a bit frilly, but it is lovely, and i do like the meaning.

    Ffion: I may be the only berry who doesnt know how to pn this. Kind of embarassing lol. If its like fee-own, i dont like it.

    Nadia: I picture snowflakes falling, and icicles forming, and erything lovely about winter.

    River: Seems like the odd one out, but I really like it. Not as much as some of the others on your list though.

    Ottilie: Aphrodite is so amazing and spectacular, im not sure Wendy could hold her own as a sister. Peter pan is great though and Im sure any little girl would be delighted.
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    Shenandoah, Edelweiss, Quinn, Aurora, Liberty, Marigold, Livny, Dulcinea, Beatrix, or just about any variation on Peggy or Jean.

    Willow – Like it.
    Scarlett – NN Lettie is cute
    Violet – I like this one better than Scarlett. When I say Violet Tanner or Violet Thomas I don't see a problem with the double "T" sound.
    Daisy – Too cutesy for me.
    Iverine – Not sure of pronunciation.
    GwenythLove it!
    Roxanne – It's okay.
    Rose – I don't find this boring at all. I think it's beautiful and when I met a Rose I always have a little crush on the beauty of her name. I have a Rosa in the family so I can't use it.
    Amaryllis – Like Azalea or Azelie much better if you are talking flower names.
    LydiaLove it!
    Zora - Love it!
    MagdaleneLove it!
    Magnolia – NMS
    Lilac – Like Lila and Lavender a lot better.
    Wendy – Okay
    Fiora – Okay but I prefer Fiona
    SerafinaLove it or Seraphine.
    Ffion – NMS
    NadiaLove it!
    River – Okay

    Rose: Anna-Rose instead of Roseanne. It's a double barrel named but I like it a lot better. Rosalie is also a favorite Rose name of mine.
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    Zora: Zinnia, Zada, Zadie, Zena, Zanna, Zea, Zelia, Zosia, Zoe
    Fia: Josephine or Josephina nn Fia or Fianna
    Roxanne: Arianne
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    As a J.M. Barrie fan, I am glad to see that Wendy is growing on you! I think it makes some gorgeous combos with a few of your favorite names:

    Wendy Magdalene
    Wendy Magnolia
    Wendy Beatrix

    I think I suggested Thessaly awhile ago, but since I saw it discussed by others on this thread more recently, I'm going to again cast my vote for it!

    Thessaly Willow
    Thessaly Violet
    Thessaly Quinn

    Have you considered Piper? I think it's got a bit of a punch like some of the names you've liked, and it's the right amount of "cute" that it doesn't require a "cute nickname" but also will grow up well.

    Piper Magdalene
    Piper Iverine


    Lastly, don't give up on Zinnia! It is such a darling name. Of flower names, it would definitely be my first name pick. Even with your other Z name, Z names are so cool that I don't think that would stop me!

    Zinnia Gwyneth
    Zinnia Beatrix
    Zinnia River
    Winter, Phoebe, Gray, Juniper
    Fraser, Fisher, Arthur, Birch

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