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    Ooo but also, how about Thea?
    I know a Thea Zelda which is pretty cool, and don't think I'll be meeting anyone else with either name any time soon!
    Thea sounds like Fia, it's obvious how to spell and say it and It does sound like a mythical princess without being showy.
    Thea Willow
    Thea Violet
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    From your list my favorites for you are
    Daisy - yes, with the -y ending it is rather cutesy but a more "grounded" (for lack of a better term) middle would bring that down somewhat. I think that it goes well in your sibset and family connection is always awesome. Maybe Daisy Lydia? Daisy Iverine? Daisy Jeanelle?
    Iverine - it has family significance to you, it goes really well with your other kid's names, and Iva is an adorable nn. Iverine Quinn maybe?
    Gwyneth, Magdelene or Magnolia, Fiora - all go awesome with your other kids names and you seem to really love each of these names.
    Gwyneth Shenandoah or Gwyneth Lydia, Magdelene Aurora or Magdelene Willow , Magnolia Beatrix or Magnolia Quinn, Fiora Daisy or Fiora Livny or Fiora Dulcinea

    Other thoughts
    I agree with you on Willow, it's a great name but just doesn't seem to "work" in your sibset imo
    I think Lydia would be better on your middle name list due to her on again off again status. She's one you might regret not using somewhere but you might not love enough to use as a first name if that makes since?

    For the nn Tesla I can't think of any names that would just give you Tesla as a nn but maybe Teresa with a "L" middle? Teresa Livny nn Tesla? Or Teresa Lilac? Or another name that could give you Tessa as a nn like Contessa Livny or Contessa Lilac?
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    Willow – I think this is a beautiful, beautiful name, but I can understand how you feel; some of my favourite names I have a hard time picturing on little people I make.

    Scarlett – I think Scarlett's a perfect balance between strong, determined and feminine. I love the nickname Lettie, much much better than Scout in my opinion.

    Violet – gorgeous flowers. I never liked the name until Jenn (jemama) talked about her daughter and posted photos. Now I imagine her little Violet, so I'm kind of in love with this name.

    Daisy – I know the most beautiful Daisy, she's in her early 40s, has a successful business and she's definitely not a little flower.

    Iverine – This is really sweet and special. I really like it a lot.

    Gwenyth – Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world who loves ms Paltrow. I think she's wonderful! She writes the loveliest cookbooks! And let's not talk about women expiring... that makes me sad .

    Roxanne – Have you considered Rosanne or Roshana?

    Rose – I think Rose is beautiful. There are some spectacular Rose variations as well, Rozenn, Rosea, Rosalie. I know a Rosie who's gorgeous. She runs a business with my friend Daisy.

    Lydia – I think this is beautiful, not my style, but I always liked the name. The only thing... it seems so somber next to your other children's names.

    Zora - I think the one child per letter is a good thing in theory, but if the perfect name would mean repeating initials, it's not the end of the world right? Not saying Zora is that name, just my opinion . I like it!

    MagdaleneLovely, and I think Maggie's a cute nn.

    Magnolia – Same as above, and I love magnolia trees.

    Lilac – Oooh, these are some of my favourite flowers! And the name is pretty too. Lilias is another option, but that's for the lily.

    WendyLove! So much I'm thinking of adding it to my middle list! Imagine being a child and reading Peter Pan and having your name in there! Squee!!

    Fiora – Very pretty, try it again!

    Serafina – I think Serafina is beautiful, and it's got Fia in it and the meaning is gorgeous!!!

    FfionLovely, try it out!

    Nadia – I think this is very cute, but to me more cutesy than Daisy...

    RiverLovely, and goes nicely with Eve!

    I'm going to throw out some more suggestions, based on Tesla and Zelda:
    Zaira "to shine" or "to blossom"
    Zana "fairy"
    Zella "glory"
    Zelia "glory"
    Zia "shine"
    Zola "quiet"
    Zita "little girl"
    Vesna "spring"
    Drusilla "strong" or "dew"
    Tilda "strength in battle"
    Morinda (indian mulberry)
    Nerine "water"
    Herja "army" (okay, maybe not the kind of good meaning you're looking for... but she was a valkyrie)
    Theona "a God"
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    Hi! I will just comment on the last updated names, right?
    Willow - I understand how you feel about Willow Smith and so. The name is absolutely beautiful, and the tree but miss Smith is not the best namesake for a little girl.
    Scarlett - lovely name and I love Gone With The Wind association; although, I wouldn't use it with T occupational last name like Taylor; actually, I would cross off all noun/colour names.
    Violet - I like Violet but, ditto Scarlett.
    Daisy - One of my favorite flower names, The Great Gatsby has literary reference and all nice. I don't find it overly cute; honestly, Wendy and Nadia are much more cutesy.
    Iverine - Very sweet and honors you heritage, I suppose? Plus, nickname opportunities of Ivy and Rine.
    Gwenyth - Absolutely gorgeous name and I find namesake Paltrow amazing; she is not a bad actress and she is beautiful. I like her hair, ha ha. I don't think giving your child a name of A-list celebrity should be a problem.
    Roxanne - The name itself is nice but forme, it carries the same image with Lolita and Carmen, probably too much for a child. Maybe Rosanne or Polyxena?
    Rose - Nice. It seems so fresh as a first name and Rosie is cute as button.
    Lydia - Quite plain among your list but a fine name, I suppose. It is somewhat dated and out of style in my country.
    Zora - I prefer Zoe, but Zora is OK too.
    Magdalene - Pretty one. For Maggie nickname I prefer Magnolia.
    Magnolia - Gorgeous name and wonderful tree with amazing flowers. One of my favorites from your list.
    Lilac - Enchanting name but she will probably be mistaken by Lily or Lila.
    Wendy - I like the Peter Pan connection, I am sure a child will adore it. I think Wendy would be even as a nickname for Gwendolen.
    Fiora - Not my favorite. Have you considered Fenella?
    Serafina - Frilly but lovely.
    Ffion - Ffion is interesting, I would like to meet one.
    Nadia - No, only as a nickname for Nadezda. Nadia on its own is pretty childish.
    River - Great name but has more masculine feel.

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