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    Need help narrowing down our list

    So we are pregnant with our fourth. We have a Jackson, Delaney and Luke.

    If this is a girl, we have a big list:
    1. Mabel
    2. Josephine
    3. Adley
    4. Phoebe
    5. Claire
    6. Clara
    7. Tatum
    8. Tess

    What do you like best? What fits best with the others? And do you have any middle name suggestions for your pick?

    Thank you thank you!

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    My favorite is either Mabel or Josephine. However, all of your older children's names have a modern rather than vintage vibe, so something like Adley, Claire, or Tatum might fit the style better.

    Top pick over all: Mabel
    Top pick that matches your other children: Claire
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    My vote is Tess...
    2nd place Phoebe

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    Phoebe, Josephine, or Clara would probably match best with your other children's names. However I do like Tess, though I prefer Tessa.Mabel seems a little old fashioned, and Adley seems very incomplete. What about Hadley? I think Hadley would be perfect.
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    Phoebe, Tess, Adley, Clara & Josephine are probably my favourite of the names. I don't dislike any though!

    Jackson, Delaney & Luke give me a little bit of a cool, country vibe so I guess my favourites with the set are:

    Jackson, Delaney, Luke & Clara
    Jackson, Delaney, Luke & Adley
    Jackson, Delaney, Luke & Phoebe
    Jackson, Delaney, Luke & Tess

    I like Josephine with the set but I don't like the repeating initial with Jackson and it's as good a reason as any to narrow the list down. I find Claire a little plain. It's not horrible but definitely my least favourite from the list. I like Mabel, but not as much as the others and if I'd put it in the list above I would hardly have narrowed your list down at all ha, so I left it out. But I do think it works.

    Good luck!

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