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    Redid my girls names!

    Gemma Eloise
    Phoebe Adele
    Olive Matilda
    Maisie Faith
    Sosie Elizabeth
    Francesca Lilly
    Willa June
    Cecilia Jane
    Stella Josephine
    Pippa Caroline
    Wren Magnolia
    Juliette Mae
    Evelyn Ruby

    What do you think? Full names for Sosie that aren't super dated or is Sosie fine on its own? Please and thank you!

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    My favorites:
    Cecelia Jane
    Francesca Lilly
    Juliette Mae
    Stella Josephine

    I've never heard of the name Sosie, but google tells me that Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick named their daughter Sosie Ruth.
    Current favorites:



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    Gemma Eloise-Nice combo
    Phoebe Adele-Not a big fan of Phoebe, Adele is nice although I think Adela would go better.
    Olive Matilda-Okay but Olive is climbing the charts especially now that Drew Barrymore chose it for her daughter.
    Maisie Faith-Maisie's cute but more of a nn to me than a given.
    Sosie Elizabeth-I like Sosie in and of itself but if you wanted to give her something more formal to fall back on, I'd suggest Susanna(h).
    Francesca Lilly-The polar opposite of Maisie, pretty as long as she doesn't end up as Fran or Frankie.
    Willa June-I'm a big fan of Willa Cather and love the soft sound of the name. June is a good match as a middle
    Cecilia Jane-Don't love it but it's a nice name
    Stella Josephine-Same as with Cecilia
    Pippa Caroline-Pippa seems very trendy and flyway, Phillippa on the other hand is great.
    Wren Magnolia-Hate Wren, love Magnolia.
    Juliette Mae-Beautiful
    Evelyn Ruby-Evelyn is lovely but I have recently meet two couple with little Evelyns under the age of 3.

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    Like: Juliette and Willa Okay: Gemma, Wren. Remainder are NMS at all
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    i've ALWAYS liked Sosie. ever since hearing it on Kevin Bacon's daughter. i don't care if it's made up or not haha. i also like Phoebe, Willa June, Wren Magnolia. also love Jane & Mae as MNs.
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