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    Kala Griffith
    Uriel Griffith
    Riya Griffith

    From the above set, I fine Verity really out of place, like renrose. Griffith is also weird with those sorts of first names. Something more Indianish?

    Tate Arai
    Frost Arai

    These work fine together for me. They're both short, sort of hard names.

    Konan MacNamara
    Lorelai "Lore"
    Zair/Ryker Reid
    Donovan MacNamara

    I find these sort of all over the place. You have Irish, Roman, Greek, common, uncommon. Things like Shaka and Konan next to Blake and Donovan. What's the naming thing for this country?

    Beckminster Law

    These are really weird and different together. Talia is established and a pretty normal name. Beckminster is a made up name WAY different in sound than Talia. If it was like Beckminster and Bristol I would have got the place names thing, or Beckminster and [insert made up name] I would have thought they were all invented. I wouldn't get it with these two. I do find Beckminster pretty intriguing though. ^_^

    Michelangelo "Milo/Angelo" Brandt

    These are ok together. They're a little mismatched but they feel like both historical names so it's good.


    Helio Colada

    Njord Skytte



    These also sound good together.

    Miraj Jarim

    What's the thing here? This seems like made up name (though it might not be) and misspelled word name.

    (to explain, this country uses color names)
    Salmon "Sam"
    Denim "Nim"

    I would never have gotten color. I saw fish, fabric, made up, established name. Maybe if you want color names go with ones that are a little more recognizable as colors? Azure, Salmon, Burgundy, Magenta like that. Or to stick with your own letters there, Denim, Magenta/Mauve/Midori, Saffron/Salmon/Sepia/Silver, Zaffre. Throw some in there that are obviously colors so when you come across Zaffre, you get it's a color.

    Also, just cause, you might like Vermilion and Xanthene for your color names.

    All in all, I like most of the names on here whether they go together perfectly or not ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I always make sure to use a diverse set of names in my books, because you have to remember that every character was named by their own parents and their parents very likely had different naming styles. Some characters could have moved from another state/country and so they would have a different type of name.
    Vincent, Henrik, Thomas, William, Jaques, Alfred 'Alfie', Isaiah, Sylvan

    Vincentia, Henrietta, Thomasin, Colette, Damaris, Sheila, Aria, Elodie

    Percy James, Avalon Prosper (Aavie)

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    Thank you mfberry and dantea!

    To explain as best as I can: the first set is for British/Indian/Middle Eastern names and the reason why Verity's name is so out of place is because she is younger and her parents originally weren't from the country she was born in. The country for the third set (the wide array one) names their children after their inspirations and what the child reminds them of upon birth. So Magnus, meaning powerful, was named that because he cried a lot and had an intense set of lungs for a newborn. Donovan has dark hair and so does his brother, Keiran, and both of their names mean dark.

    For the color ones, there are going to be a lot more characters from there but I don't want there to be hundreds of super standard color names. There will be lots of obvious color names and several of the characters comment on how basically everyone has a color name.

    Again thank you all so much!

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