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    Names for our second daughter.. a sister for Poesy

    hi everyone! I'm due with my second daughter on September 23rd. My husband and I have some favourites but we either cant agree on them, or they just don't stand out to us at all. We plan to have a list of at least 3 names for when she arrives so we could do with some help! When searching last night I found this forum and was over the moon! I pondered the name lists for a while looking at all of the name choices but figured I'd be best making an account and posting for specific help

    Our 4 year old daughter's full name is Poesy Elizabeth, with the main nickname of Poe and sometimes Poesy Liz. Her middle name is my husbands grandmothers name and we plan to honor my grandmother in the name of our second, which was Anne Belle. (first and middle) so we're using the name Annabelle for the middle.

    Our top choices:
    Hope Annabelle
    Willa Annabelle*
    Nola Annabelle
    Lola Annabelle
    Ethel Annabelle*
    Maple Annabelle*

    the ones with stars are the ones that don't flow too well. (at least, we don't think they do.)

    We can't seem to agree on any of them though. I would use Willa Annabelle in a heartbeat, despite the 'bad flow', purely because I love Willa, especially with Poesy, but my husband is set on Maple or Nola.

    So we'd love some suggestions based on the names that we have listed here!

    and also, would you spell the middle name Annabelle or Annabel? I prefer Annabelle, DH prefers Annabel.

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    I like Maple
    Maple Annabelle

    and why don't you create one of those pole threads so people can vote and comment?

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    Have you considered Annabelle as a first name? It sounds super sweet with Poesy! I love it...
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    From your list I like Hope Annabelle and Willa Annabelle. I think Willa Annabelle flows very well. As for the spelling, I like Annabelle better than Annabel.
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    I like Nola Annabelle the best. I also love Willa, and I think that goes the best with Poesy!
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