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    Ponderings about Guinevere

    Pondering about Guinevere

    I've been on bed rest for over a week now which leaves far too much time for thinking. We don't know if our little bundle is a boy or girl so all this pondering could be in vein but it's impossible to stop thinking when I have nothing else to do. The situation is that the only girls name my husband and I agree on is Guinevere. We don't however agree on how it should be spelt. I prefer Guinevere he prefers Gwenevere.

    My reasoning is basically that Guinevere is the correct spelling, end of story. His reasoning is more complicated. He thinks...
    Gwenevere clears up some pronunciation issues she might face.
    Gwen makes more sense as a nickname for Gwenevere than Guinevere when it's written down.
    Gwenevere looks more feminine.
    Compared to our other daughters' names Guinevere/Gwenevere is very out there, so the Gwen beginning might make it seem less strange to our family and friends.

    I actually agree with almost everything he says but can't get over the fact that it's not the correct spelling. I know that almost all berries prefer Guinevere to Gwenevere but do you think I should compromise on the spelling? I already got the choice of my top name so is it fair to let him choose the spelling? Would people really be confused by the Guinevere spelling?

    We haven't talked about is excessively but like I said I'm stuck on bedrest and have nothing to do but think all day.
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    I'm with you on this one-- Guinevere is correct, while Gwenevere just plain looks wrong (and far more "strange" than the correct beginning, IMO.) I think he's worrying needlessly. People are familiar enough with the name Guinevere that most know how it's pronounced, and I think Gwen makes perfect sense as a nickname for Guinevere (certainly much more sense than, say, Maisie does as a nickname for Margaret!) I also disagree that Gwenevere looks more feminine--the I feels way girlier than the E does to me.
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    Gwenevere looks so odd! And it's just plain misspelled... Guinevere is so feminine, and I think it's familiar enough that people won't have a problem with it.

    I just met a little girl named Guinevere last week. She was adorable and wore it well
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    Guinevere is uncommon, but it's also very familiar. I don't think people will be confused by the traditional spelling. You can still use Gwen as a nickname (I love Gwen, by the way!). As someone else pointed out, it's not uncommon for nicknames to have slightly different spellings than the original name. Sadie for Sarah, Jack for John, Bob for Robert, etc.
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    Guinevere is a beautiful, feminine name and I personally ADORE it! : )
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