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    Rare first name to go with Elizabeth

    Hi Berries!
    I'm not expecting any time soon (my parents would not like baby news for a few years!), but because I like to have things planned out in advance, was wondering if I could have some help finding a timeless, rare name to go with the middle name Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a family name, so it would definitely be in the middle spot, but I haven't found a first name I love to go with it! It's probably because I'm too picky! I like names which are no longer than three syllables as my boyfriend's surname is very long, that are not in the top 1000, and I am not into any word, made up or unisex names. Also, I would like the name to end with the letter 'a', and the name does necessary need to have a nickname associated with it.
    One last thing - my name is Petrea (Peh-TREE-ah) Elizabeth, so I'd like a name that sounds nice with Petrea (:

    Names I have liked:
    Chara (Char-a)

    Thanks so much Berries!!!!!

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