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    The name I picked for my DD wasn't even on the top of our name list. We were even discussing names while I was still in labor! in the end, I went with a name COMPLETELY different from what we were going to call her. Our Charlotte Rose was almost Esperanza Grace. But she didn't look like an Esperanza. She looked like a Charlotte.

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    We went in with a list and a favorite, and then decided on a name that we had discussed but wasn't on the list. I thought we had already decided on a name for each gender for the future, but now we have a top ten for girls and one name for a little boy. I'm just so indecisive.
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    We knew our first was a boy - and the first words our baby heard was the doctor saying "Welcome to the world, Joshua" What a thrill. Our second was a girl and my DH and I couldn't agree on anything. I ended up choosing her name in the middle of the night and calling my poor DH to tell him what I wanted to name her. He wasn't 100% thrilled but I had bonded with her and the name and he didn't hate it, so Johanna she remained.

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    Interesting thread! No kids yet, but I plan on waiting to finalize the name when we actually meet him/her. I think even if we have a name we're pretty sure of, I want a back up or two, in case the name just doesn't actually fit.

    Side note, it completely creeps me out when people start referring to their unborn baby by name, publicly. Anyone else?!
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    We've always taken a short list in and made the decision after the baby was born, not because we want to see what they look like as I don't think baby's look like particular names when they're first born, but mainly because we don't know the gender and can't decide until we have a real baby to name. Usually I make the final decision after months of pondering and feeling out DP for his feelings on our short list.
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