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    Jeremy is awesome, i'd totally use it. I know a little Jeremy (around 3).

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    Jeremy doesn't strike me as dated or tied to any particular era (in the U.S., at least). It's not as popular as it used to be, but it's not unheard of, either. It's a spunky name I've always liked, probably because my brother's best friend is named Jeremy.

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    Yes, it's dated.

    And "Jem?" Really? I think that's possibly the least-masculine nickname I've ever heard. It's "Gem," as in, a jewel, to the ear. I cannot imagine a young boy wanting to go by this nickname. It's just BEGGING to be teased.
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    I have a boss called jerome and I love it. So I associate it with fresh, strong, manly attributes
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    I think it sounds dated, yes. I like Jem as a girlsname. Go with Jeremy as a second name, that sounds great though!

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