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    I like it, actually. It doesn't feel dated to me, although if I heard the name in casual conversation I would picture a man in his late teens/20s/maybe 30s.

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    I don't think it's too dated. I have known a few Jeremys my age (37), but it wouldn't seem like a strange choice for a baby. I like it.

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    Jeremy was never big enough (at least were I'm from) to now be dated. I can only think of one guy and he's my age (late 20s). If I met a Jem I'd assume he was a James or just Jem

    Jeremy and Jeremiah are tentatively on my list only because everyone I tell seems to think Remy is too nicknamey. Not a huge fan but I wouldn't mind using Jeremy if he's called Remy. The Jeremy I knew was just called Jer

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    The only Jeremy I know is in his thirties but I don't consider the name itself dated at all; more of a modern classic. It's a version of Jeremiah, right, and Biblical names can't be dated because they have been used for hundreds of years.
    Personally, I like Jeremy and Remy or Jem would be a dashing and fun nickname. I would love to meet a little Jeremy, it's a lovely name and I hope it will be used more often.

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    i think Jeremy is a lovely name. One of my brother's friends is named Jeremy, he is 17.
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