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    I mean opinions!

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    What sort of syllable count and emphasis do you like best?
    3-2-1 is very nice
    Josephine Emma Pearl
    Josephine Emma Faye
    Josephine Emma Blythe

    I don't think I like 3-1-2 as much:
    Josephine Pearl Emma

    3-1-2 with the evenness of Emma doesn't work for me
    Josephine Pearl Emma
    Whereas 3-1-2 with a different syllable emphasis flows...but you want Emma.
    Josephine Pearl Adele

    Josephine Emma Elisabeth
    Josephine Emma Cornelia
    Josephine Emma Hermione

    3-4-2 isn't as nice, but works
    Josephine Elisabeth Emma

    3-2-3 probably also depends on emphasis. This doesn't flow to me:
    Josephine Emma Adelaide
    3-3-2 is also tricky...
    Josephine Adelaide Emma

    3-2-2 works all right as long as the syllable emphasis differs
    Josephine Emma Corinne
    Josephine Emma Adele
    Josephine Emma Elise

    I'm less fond of the reverse-emphasis, like Josephine Elise Emma.

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    Wow so many great options. Thank you What are your thoughts on a first name if keeping Emma Josephine as the middle name?

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    For the boy I would use August Alexander or Augustus Alexander and use the nn Gus. It flows better and looks nicer.

    For the girl, Emma Josephine is beautiful. I just love the name Emma!
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