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    I got migraines frequently in childhood, less so after 15 or so (maybe yearly, always triggered) and slightly more in early pregnancy. They stopped by 16 weeks. Ice on my neck and cold compresses helped immensely. I also started seeing a chiro, which is when they stopped. I really recommend that.
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    I usually end up in bed for 48 hours whenI have a migraine I'm very thankful my husband is supportive and that my Mum is able to help me out when I need her because I would be incapable of caring for Elizabeth and Annabelle when I have a migraine.

    For me the aura starts 20-30 minutes before the migraine. It starts with light sensitivity, zig zagging lines and black spots in my vision. Recently I've also been getting ringing in my ears which worried me but my doctor said it can be normal. The aura usually lasts the whole migraine. A few hours after the migraine starts I start vomiting (TMI I know). The migraines normally last 3-4 days. A cool flannel on my neck and forehead help a little but the relief is usually short lived.

    My husband thinks he can tell when I have a migraine coming on because I get really black circles under my eyes, I'm not sure if that's coincidental or not.

    This is the one time I have been happy/relieved the breastfeeding isn't physically possible for me (I have no breast tissue) so once baby arrives I can take whatever medication I need.
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    I would contact your dr if you are having one that bad. At your current stage in pregnancy, pre eclampsia is a very real, scary condition often times a horrible head ache is one of the first symptoms. I hope you feel better soon, chances are its sadly just "you" as there is a history of headaches but I would still let your dr know.
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    I had some pretty terrible aura migraines before I was pregnant. While I was pregnant, they were ridiculous. My vision would go dark, my head heart to the point that the sound of my own breathing hurt me. Light hurt, noises were really enhanced, dizzy, nauseous .... I had ONE migraine last for over a month. It never went away. There was nothing underlying it, it just never stopped. When it finally did go away, it would come back every now and then the whole pregnancy.

    My OBGYN said I could take Excedrin Migraine. That helped if I could recognize when it was a migraine and not a normal headache. Mine start like a normal headache and then all of a sudden all that happens. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thanks everyone! Actually compared to what some of you go through, I have it pretty easy. The aura sucks and is always scary but I don't throw up and the headache itself is usually just annoying - tho I do feel extra tired and a bit woozy today. Migraines are just so debilitating, I hope they find better solutions for all of us soon. No one should have to suffer that often or for that long.

    Oh and to the pp who mentioned pre-eclampsia, that's def not an issue for me, I actually have low blood pressure. When it was checked about a week ago it was high for me at 108/55. Hoping that's one condition I don't have to even think about during this time!

    Thanks again everyone for sharing your experiences. I'm going to cross my fingers and toes and hope I don't get another one for at least a month, if not longer. And I do have a perinatal appointment this Tuesday, along with the regular OB this Thursday, so I'll mention it to both of them as well.

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