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    Do you think Quinn and Reese are too much used for girls now? I like them for boys

    I really like the name Quinn and the name Reese but I like the spelling Rhys.

    The name Reese I believe is around 150 for girls and I believe it's a good bit lower like 400's for boys

    With Quinn I think it's in the 100's for girl and 300's for boy. I've never met a girl or a boy Quinn I know the name is unisex but does it register you more on the boyish or girlish side?

    I've met one Reese in my life spelled Reece and it was a girl.

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    My immediate snap judgment is that Quinn is very unisex (but maybe Glee will change that). Reese seems pink to me .

    That said, I think that the whole concept of gendered names is in decline I know preschool aged boys called Allie, Eden, and Nicola, and girls called Elliot, Hunter, Sawyer, and Peyton, and nobody bats an eye.

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    I know 2 men and 1 boy named Rhys (this spelling). I like is as a boys name more than a girls. I think the Reese spelling is more feminine where as the Rhys spelling is all boy for me.

    Quinn is truely unisex for me but I can see it's heading to the 'pink side' brcause of Glee.
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    I have an ok time with unisex names. In general I don't really bat an eye when I meet a girl hunter, I may assume boy at first from seeing the name but not a big deal to me.

    I just worry about how little boys can be and would hate to think of them being teased for having a "girls" name. Maybe I'm thinkif too much into it lol

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    I think they are fine for both, I don't mind unisex names.. however,
    the only Quinn [aged 50's] and Reece [aged 20] that I know are both males.
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