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    Not a stupid question at all!
    I think Eleanor is lovely, and I love the nn's Ellie and Nora :]

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    Thanks so much everyone! You're all very kind I'm loving Eleanor more and more!

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    You could also search for names with meanings that align to something that is important to you ex:
    Life = Zoe
    Wisdom = Sophie/Sofia/etc.
    Traveller = Beatrix
    Gift of G-d = Dorothy
    Pure = Katherine
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    You could also consider using birthdays of important people as inspiration. For example I love the name June for the month my mom was born, but I also like Pearl which is her birthstone. And my grandma and I were both born in August, and Poppy is the August flower. (There are charts of all that kind of stuff by month if you google it!)
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I agree that Eleanor is lovely! You might even consider the Elinor spelling? That way, it contains the same letters in Neroli, just rearranged?

    I usually take inspiration from family, my faith/religion, and my love of literature (Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, etc.!). Also ideas and things that I love, or names that somehow remind me of something that's been meaningful to me. For example, I took Koine (ancient) Greek my freshman year of college, and Σοφíα (Sofia) and ζωη (Zoe) were two of the first words I learned. And I'm especially loving Cosima lately--I love that it reminds me of the cosmos and the stars. When I was a teenager I had very few friends and felt quite alone, and really the only friend I had was God. I remembered looking up at the stars and just knowing He was there, and the stars always seemed to bring me closer to Him. So I am really drawn to that lately. I love Aurora because of its meaning, "dawn", and I like the idea of passing down to my children that no matter what they do, they can always start again, and each day is a new day with a fresh start. I have struggled with clinical depression, so it's a very important message for me to pass down. Things like that. I just look for names I like, and search for a deeper connection, really. Sometimes I'll go looking for a nationality, like Welsh or Polish, because I have a slight obsession with Polish names, and I am part Welsh, but usually the names will just appeal to me on some level, and I'll discover a connection I really love with it.

    Good luck!
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