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    Emelia or Isabelle?

    We are pregnant with twins and don't know the sexes yet, but we do know they are identical! We are TOTALLY lost on boy names, but are getting somewhere on the girls list!

    If they are girls, one will most definitely be Abigail (Abby) Grace.

    I think we have the other girls name narrowed down to:

    Emelia Jane (Emma)


    Isabelle Claire (Izzy)

    Big brother is Owen Thomas. Last name rhymes with hood.

    Which do you like better?


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    Isabelle Claire is beautiful! I'm not a big fan of the name Emelia because I think it will be mistaken for "Amelia" because that is so popular right now.

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    I think that Isabelle Claire is a lovely name - great combo!

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    Personally, I would just go with Isabelle and Emilia (I prefer this spelling. Any reason why you're opting for Emelia? It looks like it's taking parts of Amelia and Emilia, but not as attractive as either one. I know it's quite popular in the Hispanic community, but I prefer the Italian Emilia, personally), but that's just me! I adore both of those. I used to adore Abigail (and Abigail Grace is lovely!)--I just find Isabelle and Emilia to be more my style these days. With Owen and Abigail, I like Isabelle the best--but I would probably like Isabelle best regardless, as it's my top choice should I ever get a little girl. I think it's so beautiful. Isabelle Claire "Izzy" is adorable! And Owen, Abigail, and Isabelle are fab together.

    Good luck!
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