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Thread: Was I Wrong?

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    I don't think you convince people of your point of view by being rude. It generally works the other way that they become more entrenched in their position like the women who actually named her children Gabriela and Gabriel. It doesn't really matter in this case as the women the OP was talking to wasn't in the process of naming two children.

    I have convinced two people in the past to avoid similar naming mistakes through much more gentle persuasion. In one case, the family had a son named Luke and they were going to name the second son Luca The Mom's reasoning was that the older son was named for his father (Lucas) and the younger son would be left out if he wasn't also named for his father. I pointed out the problems of having three people with such similar names in the same house and how the younger son would likely have identity issues. Ultimately, the second son ended up with Lucus as a middle name. If I had just blurted out "what a stupid idea" which was my first thought, it would have shut down the conversation. And I expect Luke would have had a little brother named Luca.

    The. second situation involved a really bad creative spelling of a classic name. This isn't the actually name but it was going to be something like Ylyzabeth but pronounced like the classic name. After many sublte conversations about what the child was likely to experience, the birth announcement that came out said Elizabeth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I agree with Augusta Lee, you were totally right. In the moment, you couldn't help if that was your reaction. Gabriela and Gabriel are way too close for a twin set.
    Yes this! I would have said the same thing.

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