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Thread: Was I Wrong?

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    I know a girl that did this same thing! Literally. She had a baby girl, named her Gabriella. About two years later, she gave birth to a little boy. Gabriel. Very few people had the guts to tell her that she bascially named two children the same thing and she flipped out. A huge rant appeared on Facebook not long afterwards, saying that it was her damn choice what she named her kids. She loved that name for both a girl and a boy, so she used it for both of them. And if anybody wanted to tell her how to raise her kids, she would beat the living you-know-what out of them. See why hardly anyone spoke up to her? lol.. now there is another baby girl on the way...Gr@celynn. At least it's not Gabrielle

    What you said was true, just blunt. It sounds like she just liked the idea, and wouldn't likely use it..since her sister will have a Gabriela already. A lot of people would act shocked at being told something like the to their face, so she had a normal reaction. Are you close with this woman? Because if she is like your close friend, then yeah I think would've been more appropriate to be fullly honest to that extent, than if she were just some random person. In either case, maybe she has some new thoughts on naming twins

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    Don't feel bad for having to spell it out for her. We can't say she's out and out stupid, because we've all had our moments. Maybe that was hers.
    Save the children. Keep up the good work.

    Maybe something like Gabriel and Galadriel? Even that is too close. Gabriel and Guinevere?

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    I agree with your opinion that they're too close, but I would react depending on how close I was with the woman. If we were really friends I have way less of a filter, if we were co-workers, new friends, aquaintences, friend-of-friend, ect I might do a bit more nodding & listening and mention how similar they sound & muse about whether it would confuse some people, but not get harsh!

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    Having a feminized version of a name for a twin sounds like the fast road to identity and inadequacy issues. Henry and Henrietta. Anthony and Antoinette. Theodore and Theodora. Louis and Louise. George and Georgia. That all sounds like fresh hell.

    I probably would have reacted similarly, but I am also not known for my social graces.

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    I wouldn;t worry about it. I'm usually super blunt too. I can't help it, I have a hard time censoring myself unless it is glaringly obvious I have to (ie in front of little kids or old people). Most people don't get offended, just a little flustered cause they don't know how to react. My friends joke about it and most people who know me know not to take everything I say too seriously. I blame it on growing up in a house of boys. Gabriel & Gabriella might be the worst idea for twins I've ever heard (and I have an aunt & uncle, twins, named Jack & Jill - honestly).
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