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  • Ivy Lyra

    2 2.30%
  • Ivy Seren

    5 5.75%
  • Ivy Elspeth

    5 5.75%
  • Ivy Aurora

    22 25.29%
  • Ivy Gwendolyn

    14 16.09%
  • Ivy Juniper

    15 17.24%
  • Ivy Delphine

    18 20.69%
  • Ivy Pandora

    3 3.45%
  • Non try again

    3 3.45%
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    Which middle name goes best with Ivy?

    Hello Berries,

    So far on my list as a definite I have Freya Scarlett, Im also considering Ivy as a first name but having trouble with the middle name, so need help, id like the name to be in similar style to Freya Scarlett but not match incase we end up having 2 girls and using both names.

    To get an idea of mine and partners tastes here is our list:

    Freya Scarlett

    Hubby dislikes obvious nature names and anything with Belle in it (sigh). My trouble with middle for Ivy is I prefer longer names in the middle but dont have many long names in my fav list :/

    Bonus points if you have a long name in mind that has some ties to welsh or goddesses names.

    Any ideas??

    NOte: I have Ivy Oceana in my signature- when i asked husband to be if he liked the name he thought it was so horrible we may as well use the name "Hippy Loving Algae eating Tree hugger" (a bit of an over reaction i think, seriously Oceana is not hippy at all..... )
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    I think you have some really great choices for Ivy, I voted for Juniper but also love Gwendolyn and Aurora. As for a name suggestion, I love Elowen, and as I understand it is pronounced with the accent on the middle syllable, uh-LOW-en. Ivy Elowen is pretty but I like your others almost as much.

    Ivy Willow is cute, but naturey.

    I like Ivy Annika. Have you considered Ivory? That is pretty.

    Ivy Rhianne or Rhiannon

    Ivy Naomh

    Ivy Eleanor

    Ivy Lorien. lotr name.

    Ivy Avalon..too many vs

    Ivy Nimiane

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    I think Ivy goes best with a longer middle name. I picked Ivy Aurora, it's quite lovely.

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    Ivy Delphine has a nice aura to it.
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    Thanks for the feedback- the other half has approved Ivy Delphine, he thinks Aurora sounds hippy... sigh...

    I had Willow on my list for a while actually until my friend gave that name to their dog...

    I also really like Annika could be a third girl name option.. Liv Annika?

    Thanks for the feedback berries

    baby bears Freya Ivy & Rowan Wyn

    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Iris.
    Sebastian, Finn, Callum, Heath, Hamish.

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