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    Baby due soon and still no name! Thoughts?

    This is my first Nameberry post! Super excited.

    I'm 36 weeks pregnant, and my husband and I are still completely uncertain about the name. We have a list and we like them each equally, though the "favorite" keeps changing weekly. We're also having a hard time with middle names, but I think we finally have agreed on one. Okay, please tell me what you think about these names and whether or not they are too odd for real life. Think about if a friend named their child one of these names, would you think it was strange, cute, lovely, or interesting? Thanks for all your honest opinions!!


    Current favorite: Nova Cadence - I am really loving Nova right now, but I'm worried it's too odd. My husband says "Who cares what other people think?" But I do, so what do you think, Berries?
    Next Favorite: Raina Cadence

    Myla Cadence
    Ivy Violet (falling off our radar since Ivy is becoming really popular)

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    Do you have ties to Cadence? Nova Cadence sounds unisex to me. I like Ivy Violet the best. It's unique but not yooneek

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    I like Nova! I don't like it with Cadence, though (and I prefer it to Cadence!). I like word names, but two of them is too much, in my opinion. What about pairing it with something more classic, like Nova Catherine or Nova Caroline?

    I prefer Nova to Raina and Myla.

    The "v's" run together in Ivy Violet in my opinion, so I don't like that combo.
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    I like Nova. Sure, it's not very well-known or popular, but I don't think it's too "out there." However, I do also wonder about Cadence. While I don't have anything personally against it, it may ease your concerns of Nova if you paired it with a more feminine middle name. Nova is NOT trendy or tacky, but with a sort of trendy, unisex middle name, it could give off that feel. Maybe something like Nova Catherine, Nova Caitlin, Nova Corinne...

    I like Raina as well. Very pretty. I think it's a little more feminine where it could be okay paired with the harsher, unisex Cadence. I prefer Maya to Myla.

    I LOVE both Ivy and Violet, but it's pretty heavy on the 'V' sound together. Where are you from? Here in the US, Ivy is definitely much more seen on these type of baby naming sites by name enthusiasts, but I don't see the popularity out in the "real" world. I've never heard of or met an Ivy; just seen it suggested on here.
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    I like Nova a lot. Not weird at all to me. Unusual, but not weird. However, I think having two word names back to back is a bit much.
    Don't really care for Raina or Myla, but I like Ivy. I've never met an Ivy in real life, so I don't see it as terribly popular. More popular than the others, but I doubt you'd ever run into the problem of always having to be Ivy C. or Ivy J., etc.

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