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Thread: Baby Proofing

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    Baby Proofing

    Number one's coming in December, and I'm not completely sure on what extent to baby proof. We have two sets of stairs which now of railings that block them that we'll be putting up around the crawling stage, and all sharp/small objects are out of the way. Is there anything else that should be needed or be cautious about? Thanks, Ismene.
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    We did not baby proof until our son started scooting around- around six months. Then we just baby proofed as he discovered things. Babies are excellent baby-proofing consultants! And it is an ongoing process. All babies are different and we have friends who did not have to babyproofing at all- their kids never went after the outlets or tried to get into cabinets. Others have had to babyproof more extensively than we did.

    Here are the main things:

    1) electrical outlet covers- get the most complicated ones you can find. We have already had to upgrade these as our son defeated the first set.

    2) lock up the trash. Babies think that the trash can is full of awesome toys. This includes the diaper pail.

    3) strap heavy furniture that could conceivably tip over to the wall

    4) keep the bathroom door closed.

    5) do not trust things like cabinet locks too much. Babies are very clever with their tiny little hands. If you have anything actually dangerous in lower cabinets, move it.

    6) think through climbing possibilities. Could the baby climb from the end table to the back of the couch to the kitchen counter to the stove? Our friend's ten month old did just that!

    Good luck, and don't worry too much!

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    It's an ongoing process! Now she can climb nothing in the house is safe. Don't forget:

    Electrical socket covers
    Lamp cables etc that can be tugged
    Drain cleaner etc in the bathroom
    Razors in the shower
    TVs and monitors that can be tipped

    Good luck!
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    A big one I wouldn't have thought about before baby is securing furniture, even very sturdy/heavy pieces.

    My daughter is 10 weeks old, and we're just starting to be conscious of small items she might grab and put in her mouth...although she isn't doing so yet, she will soon! And is starting to scoot off her play mat, so we need to keep the area clear of things she might bump into.
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    I didn't think about it until my daughter started to become mobile. The only thing I got when she was an infant was a bed guard/gate thing so that I could feed her in bed and not be scared I might doze off & she might roll off!

    Do a check around for tables that are of the tall & rickety type. I pretty much had to get rid of all of my dainty/willowy antique side tables in favor for more solid/stout Ikea ones! Just look at your house from baby-eye-level and hammer down any tempting cords and fasten large flat-screens to the walls, ect. But really, you have so much time to do this.

    Also consider what area your child will have as their domain. If they probably won't wander the upstairs for at least a year, just concentrate on the living room/dining room area. Putting easy to use gates in the entry of certain rooms might be a better option than baby-proofing.

    You could also come at it from the perspective of teaching baby what not to touch instead of making everything OK for baby to touch. But be ready to watch baby like a hawk if you go that route!

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