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    Rain is on my own list as a middle name, I think it sounds much fresher than Rose, and bespeaks a similar beautiful nature feel. It being a family name would be especially cool to me.

    I don't think Rain by ANY spelling (Raine/Rayne) changes much, so I'd spell it how the grandfather did.

    Unfortunately, I don't think Ember Conner sounds that great, because of the shared -er endings. If I were choosing, it'd be Raine I kept.

    I'm assuming a traditional first like Emily/Eliza/Elspeth/Esme etc. doesn't appeal? They all work fine with Raine as far as I can tell. Emerald isn't very traditional and doesn't sound much less hippie than Ember, but it at least skips repeating the -er sound.

    Raine Connor actually sounds good to me, but I don't know if you like a one-syllable first name?

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    Many points above that I agree with!

    1. If you go with Ember Raine, I recommend pairing another name in between the two, as suggested.
    2. I like each name by themselves, but when paired I feel like it's just a touch juvenile. Not the worst thing, just an observation.
    3. I agree that Ember Conner doesn't flow well, given that they are both 2-syllable names that have the emphasis at the beginning, as well as end in "Er." However, there is a large chance that your daughter will marry someone and choose to take the last name of her partner, so I don't put as much stock in the "flow" of girl's names as opposed to boy's (which they are pretty much stuck with).

    What it adds up to is that there are several small problems that might add up to a not-great choice, even though - when looked upon individually - the problems don't seem that extreme.

    Perhaps there is a longer alternative to Ember, which might make the name flow better, sound less "hippie", and you could still refer to her as Ember as a nickname.

    What about Emberly? Emberly Raine Conner has a great flow, less hippie feeling, still feels current, and you could easily call her Ember.
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    Ember Raine makes me think of a fire/explosion and burning embers raining down. Sorry. Like others, I prefer Raine to Ember and think you can find a better name to flow with Conner than Ember.

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    I don't like Ember and Raine together :[
    Ember refers to fire/coal burning out.
    I love both names, I can't see them together is all.
    Ember Conner also doesn't flow too well as others have said above.

    Since Raine is in honor of someone I would keep that one if possible,
    and just try to find another first.
    Emily & call her Em or Emmi?
    Or what about using Raine as a first? Raine Conner flows fine.
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