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    I love Lily, my pup is named Lillian and we call her Lily (except when she's being bad, we call her Lillian...which is pretty much every day, haha)
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    I much prefer Lily to any of the longer forms. I don't think that it is cutesy or trendy at all. It's just an old-fashioned flower name that's had a rise in popularity over the past ten years or so.

    That being said, Lily sets up a certain image for me, graceful and elegant like the flower....which is funny because I've only known one Lily and she reminded me of a bulldog!

    I like Lily with longer middle names though. Lily Katherine or Lily Josephine or Lily Madeleine, etc.

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    Much prefer Lillian nn Lily- but that maybe due to watching rug rats as a kid.

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