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  • Eulalie Claire

    7 22.58%
  • Coralie Fleur

    16 51.61%
  • Henrietta Claire

    8 25.81%
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    Eulalie Claire, Coralie Fleur, or Henrietta Claire?

    Our current top 3 girls names. Just wanting to know what nameberrry loves most.

    Our last name is similar to "Carhart" a few letters off but similar sound.

    Eulalie (you-lay-lee) has been a top runner for me... I know it doesn't always get a lot of love (& I am okay with that) // same initials as my in-laws they both have E names.

    Henrietta is a nod to my "papa hank" (grandfather) Henry

    Coralie / sweet & spunky ... nn: Cora / a distant nod to my late grandmother Carol

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    Oh my goodness, 3 gorgeous combos! It was a tough one but i went for Coralie Fleur. But i do love Eulalie so much! I think if it had been Eulalie Fleur, i would have chosen that.
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    Oh I love eulalie Fleur too! The two men in my life (dad and dh) seemed to like claire more - thats how she ended up in that spot, but that combo is on my list actually, so it still may win out in the end! Thanks freya55!

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    I like Coralie Fleur the best

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    I've heard that Eulalie is actually pronounced "ooh-la-lee" so if double check the pronunciation before using it, just to make sure you aren't using a pronunciation that other people won't understand. Personally, if you're pronouncing it "ooh-la-lee" it gets my vote, but I'm not fond of the "you-lay-lee" pronunciation. It reminds me of eunuch for some reason.

    I'm not fond of Henrietta, but i love that its a way to honor a family member. Hattie is an awesome nickname, as well.

    I voted for Coralie, which i think was the prettiest out of the three.

    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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