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    Thoughts on my Boys Combos?

    Here are the name combinations my DH and I have created for our hypothetical baby boy:

    John Piers nn Jack
    Theodore Anderson nn Theo or Ted
    Charles Emerson nn Chip
    Andrew Thomas
    James Henry
    Walter Timothy nn Walt
    Peter Robin
    Conrad Alexander
    Simon Sterling
    Hugh Arthur

    What are your favorites? Which combos do you dislike? Suggestions? Last name would be G00dn0w. Cheers!
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    John Piers nn Jack - like piers/pierce, not a fan of jack for a nickname.
    Theodore Anderson nn Theo or Ted - Anderson sounds like a last name to me but love theo
    Charles Emerson nn Chip - not a fan of Emerson but sounds good with Charles
    Andrew Thomas - nice
    James Henry - love
    Walter Timothy nn Walt - reminds me of the 50s
    Peter Robin - nice
    Conrad Alexander - really digging, reminds me of a roman war god or something lol
    Simon Sterling - fave!
    Hugh Arthur - really nice

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    John Piers nn Jack : I am not a big fan of John . I would prefer Jack Piers / Pierce .
    Theodore Anderson : I love Theodore & the nn but i find it too long with Anderson . How about Theodore Andrea / Andre / Andrew ?
    Charles Emerson nn Chip : I like Charles & the nn but i think Emerson sounds better on a girl . How about Charles Elliot / Elijah ?
    Andrew Thomas : classy & nice .
    James Henry : my favorite
    Walter Timothy : too old imo .
    Peter Robin : really like it .
    Conrad Alexander : I dont like Conrad but Alexander is stunning !! How about Colton / Connor Alexander ?
    Simon Sterling : dont like it .
    Hugh Arthur : really beautiful combo .

    Good luck
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    I like Hugh Arthur best and would like Theo Anderson. (I agree with pp that Theodore Anderson is too long.)

    I would also like Conrad Sterling better than the current combos for these two names.

    Charles Emerson nn Chip is cute.

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    I love James Henry, Peter Robin and Hugh Arthur.

    I'm not too fond of Theodore Anderson (Anderson is a surname and I'm not crazy about surnames-turned-first-names, Theodore Anders would sound great though, and I love Theo), Conrad Alexander (everytime I heard Conrad, I think comrade, just for the sake of my own pleasure (it's on my own list of combinations), I will mention that Theodore/Theo Alexander is a gorgeous combination *wink wink*) and Simon Sterling (again, Sterling is too much of a surname for my liking).
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