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    Opinions on my Girls List!

    Here are some combos my DH and I have dreamed up for our hypothetical baby girl:

    Hazel Ginger
    Natalie Plum
    Lydia Ariel
    Diana Blair
    Julianne Hera nn Julie
    Lillian Lavender nn Lily
    Genevieve Christine nn Gigi
    Grace Catherine
    Juliet Justine
    Ivy Vivienne
    Sophia Poppy
    Jacqueline Beatrix nn Jackie
    Maple May
    Evangeline Lilac

    What do you like? What do you dislike? Why? Suggestions? The last name would be G00dn0w. Cheers!
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    Hazel Ginger- I ADORE both names, but not together. Too wordy.
    Natalie Plum- Lovely! Natalie Plum is sheer perfection- a classy, serious first with a cute and whimsical middle.
    Lydia Ariel- Too many Ls, Is and As. The flow isn't very good.
    Diana Blair- Sounds like a news anchor! Pretty, chic and smart.
    Julianne Hera nn Julie- I love Julianne Hera, but I'm not a Julie fan. Too 70's.
    Lillian Lavender nn Lily- Again, a little too wordy. This has an overly-flowery image.
    Genevieve Christine nn Gigi- Very pretty, albeit long; Christine is also dated, but I still kinda like it.
    Grace Catherine- Perfection.
    Juliet Justine- Hmmm... I don't mind alliteration, but these two don't work so well for me. Very pretty names separately, though.
    Ivy Vivienne- Waaaaayyy too many Is and Vs.
    Sophia Poppy- Lovely! Sophia Poppy is darling.
    Jaqueline Beatrix nn Jackie- Jaqueline is usually spelled Jacqueline, and once again, dated but pretty. I adore Beatrix.
    Maple May- Sounds cartoony. Not a Maple fan here, but I do love May.
    Evangeline Lilac- Beautiful! I love it.

    Hazel Justine
    Hazel Vivienne
    Ginger Beatrix
    Ginger Lydia
    Lydia May
    Lydia Poppy
    Ariel Vivienne
    Ariel Christine
    Lillian Blair
    Lillian Sophia
    Grace Lavender
    Diana Lavender
    Juliet Ivy
    Juliet Maple
    Ivy Catherine
    Ivy Sophia
    Vivienne Poppy
    Vivienne Maple
    Maple Beatrix
    Maple Diana

    Good luck! Natalie Plum was my favorite.
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    I took my favorites from your list and paired them the way I think they flow best. My favorites are marked with * and my favorite is Vivienne May Goodn0w.

    Ivy Juliet Goodn0w
    Ivy Blair Goodn0w
    *May Catherine Goodn0w
    Jacqueline Blair Goodn0w
    Jacqueline Grace Goodn0w
    *Diana Grace Goodn0w
    *Evangeline Juliet Goodn0w
    Diana Juliet Goodn0w
    *Catherine Juliet Goodn0w
    Lavender Juliet Goodn0w
    Blair Juliet Goodn0w
    Grace Juliet Goodn0w
    May Juliet Goodn0w
    Natalie May Goodn0w
    Natalie Blaire Goodn0w
    *Natalie Grace Goodn0w
    Ariel May Goodn0w
    Lavender May Goodn0w
    Lillian Blair Goodn0w
    Lillian Grace Goodn0w
    *Lillian Genevieve Goodn0w
    May Genevieve Goodn0w
    Blaire Genevieve Goodn0w
    *Diana Genevieve Goodn0w
    *Catherine Genevieve Goodn0w
    Lavender Genevieve Goodn0w
    **Vivienne May Goodn0w
    May Vivienne Goodn0w
    Vivienne Grace Goodn0w
    Vivienne Blair Goodn0w
    Blair Vivienne Goodn0w
    Diana Vivienne Goodn0w
    Vivienne Ariel Goodn0w
    Beatrix Ariel Goodn0w
    May Beatrix Goodn0w
    Diana Beatrix Goodn0w
    Natalie Beatrix Goodn0w

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    The ratings are Love, Like, and Dislike.

    Hazel Ginger - Love this. It's quirky and cool and not trendy. Another berry expressed concern about it being too wordy, but I do not see this as an issue. Beware, however, Hazel and Ginger can both be considered "food names".
    Natalie Plum - Dislike. Natalie is trendy and I never liked the sound or associations of "Plum".
    Lydia Ariel - Like. Both names are pretty.
    Diana Blair - Love. These two work together really well, and I always loved Diana. (So much more than Diane!)
    Julianne Hera nn Julie - Like. Not crazy about Julie/Julianne but I love Hera, and they sound cool together.
    Lillian Lavender nn Lily - Love. I love love love love the name Lily and Lavender is a nice color name - good alternative to Violet or some such.
    Genevieve Christine nn Gigi - Like. Would be better if nn was Vivi or Genny.
    Grace Catherine - Like. Feel pretty indifferent about this one.
    Juliet Justine - Dislike. I like Juliet, but I despise Justine. It's just "Justin" with an "e" tacked onto it, and I have awful Justin associations.
    Ivy Vivienne - LOVE. Ivy is a great, offbeat plant name and paired with Vivienne it is beautiful, a combo as good as peanut butter and chocolate.
    Sophia Poppy - Dislike. Sophia is waaaay too common/trendy/popular for my taste. And I think "bagel" when I hear Poppy.
    Jacqueline Beatrix nn Jackie - Dislike. nn Jackie is too masculine I think and I hate Beatrix. It just seems like a bad variation of Beatrice to me.
    Maple May - Like/Love. I'm not sure if I like or love this. Maple May is so pretty and springtimey but I think of syrup.
    Evangeline Lilac - Like/Love. Again, not sure about this one. Evangeline Lilac is beautiful but on their own the names are only okay...

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    Maple May sounds great, but kind of like a nickname when said together. I think it's something I would call my own Maple for fun like "hey Maple May, you want some ice cream?

    What about Maple Lillian or Maple Lavender?

    Ivy Vivienne is very nice, but a lot of V sound

    Jacqueline Beatrix is a mouthful

    Grace Catherine sounds great, but a bit boring/common (for my taste)

    Hazel Ginger - love both names, but not together. Hazel Grace? Ginger Christine?

    Sophia Poppy - same as above. Super sophisticated paired with fun name. Sophia Catherine (all classic) or Poppy May (fun vibe)?
    Maple Violet and Penelope Wren

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