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    Is anyone else having psycho pregnancy brain?

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    One person can only take on so much. It's sounds like you've hit that point and rightfully so! I've noticed with my own husband that if I am willing to do something...cook dinner, clean, take care of the kids fully... He surely won't stop me! But if I let him know I need a break then he steps right in and helps as much as I need. Maybe they are all just used to your taking it all on and you need to ask for a break. Let your husband watch your son for a day and go do something relaxing for you. Or have him take your son out and you take a nap!! I'd be willing to bet if you didn't cook dinner, miraculously everyone would eat!

    And don't worry about the meltdown in front of your son. It sounds isolated and you are human... If its not a common occurance it's all part of him learning mommy has emotions too. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!

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