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    We live far from family (everyone other than our immediate family, the 4 of us) so Skype and the recordable books have really helped our boys build a relationship with their grandparents and aunts. We have the luxury of being able to Skype nearly every day with one set of grandparents and I have definitely noticed that when we visited them this past summer it seemed to make a difference in that they were more attached to them than other people that they were just meeting. My parents recorded a book for them (where their voices read the pages as they are flipped) and it was so popular that it is now duct taped together...

    The app 'whatsapp' great too. It allows you to send texts, videos, pictures, audio clips etc for free. The first year of the service is free and after that I think it is 99 cents a year. Totally worth it to be able to share pics and videos with your SO quickly and easily.

    I am sorry that your family is about to have this difficult change and I truly wish you all the best and that you are able to all be in one place again soon.
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    Thank you all so much for your support and advice. We've moved and my SO is staying with us for a few days too help get everything settled. We're hoping that that'll help a little and also that Ivan might not notice too much after a whil. The storybooks were a great idea, so thank you to everyone who suggested them. Hopefully we won't have to do this for very long.
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    Skype is your friend. I spent sixth months living in China and without skype I couldn't have kept in contact with my family. Skype allowed me to speak to my little cousins twice a week and still be an important part of their lives. The older ones remember my trip to China and we still talk over skype when I'm at university. It's a great way to "be together" when you can't actually physically be together.
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    Not sure of your DS' age or if you are in the US, but a company called Daddy Dolls makes plush pillow shaped dolls with a picture of your SO on it. My DH is in the military and deploys at a drop of a hat for months on end and doesn't always have access to Skype. I got my son one of these Daddy Dolls and he sleeps with it every night. We now have a bedtime routine of me kissing him goodnight and he then kisses his "daddy" goodnight (the Daddy Doll). You could always screen print a picture of your SO on a pillow to get the same effect.

    Skype is a must for us and we also have recorded videos of my DH reading my son's favorite books to him and we read along with daddy's video on the iPad before bed. We also have a Build a Bear with a recording of my DH's voice.
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