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    Keeping an absent parent present

    My SO is stuck in a terrible contract with no predetermined end date. We were hoping that we could just wait until he found another job, but it's become a problem in what we can provide for Ivan. Ivan and I will be moving in with my parents about 500 miles away and my SO will follow us as soon as he can find a job within commuting distance. We're hoping that it'll happen pretty fast, as the surrounding cities aren't ruled by Unreal and proprietary engines like where we are now, but it could take a very long time. He's in a kind of annoying industry. It really isn't the ideal situation, but it's the best we can do right now and it will actually help us overall.

    My concern is that Ivan will suffer some amount of separation anxiety, or lose his bond with his Daddy. We went up for my Grandmother's 75th Birthday. When I put the phone on speaker phone, he lit up, and when I took it back, he was miserable. I don't even know if it's possible for him to have recognized a voice through a phone, it could just be that he couldn't chew on my phone anymore. It was pretty heartbreaking, and we were only there for four days. I can't imagine him only seeing his Dad maybe once or twice a month.

    Does anyone have any idea how to handle this? How do I help them keep the bond? Should we even worry about phone calls and Skype, or would they just make things worse? Does anyone have any good reference material on this subject?
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    Skype and phonecalls are a great idea. Try to set them on a schedule so he knows when to expect them. Build a bear and he can have a daddy bear when he misses his daddy and hallmark has record able books that can be read at bedtime. Show him a picture but don't force it. When they skype ivan and daddy can play games or sing songs. The itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, etc. I hope this helps

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    I am so sorry! I hope that you can all be together again very soon. My son doesn't seem to understand phone calls yet (he is almost two) but Skype and FaceTime work really well for helping him remember about distant relatives. We also have a family photo book and he can point to them and recognize cousins, aunties and grandparents.

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    Skype is awesome!
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    I have a friend who's husband is in the Navy and they have a 2year old. When he is at sea or training he Skypes his daughter as often as allowed and he has also recorded some of those Hallmark recordable stories for her. Everynight she reads one of the books daddy recorded for her, them mummy reads a book, then they say goodnight to the photo of daddy on her bedside.
    When she was a bit younger the transitioning between him being there and then being aways was hard on her but she has adjusted and is always very happy to see her daddy.

    I have seen books aimed at FIFO families so they could be helpful too
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