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    Names From World Without End

    Hello Berries, have any of you watched the TV series "World Without End" based on on a novel by Ken Follett? I love British history so it's a favourite show of mine. The story is set in the 1300's around the period of the Hundred Years War and Black Plague the time in the 1300's when the story is based. It has everything a good historical drama from that era should contain: power struggles, military battles, sibling rivalry, costumes, peasants, royalty, marriage, murder, knights, death, religion, greed, revenge etc...I thought I would list all of the main cast and the characters they portray. I have bolded my faves below. Are there any names I've missed? Are there any names you like?

    Cast and characters

    Cynthia Nixon as Petranilla
    Miranda Richardson as Mother Cecilia
    Ben Chaplin as Sir Thomas Langley
    Peter Firth as Roland
    Charlotte Riley as Caris
    Tom Weston-Jones as Merthin
    Rupert Evans as Godwyn
    Nora von Waldstätten as Gwenda
    Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ralph
    Sarah Gadon as Phillippa
    Hera Hilmar as Margery
    Carlo Rota as Edmund
    Aure Atika as Queen Isabella
    Tom Cullen as Wulfric
    David Bradley as Brother Joseph
    Indira Varma as Mattie Wise
    Ian Pirie as Elfric
    Caroline Boulton as Sister Elizabeth
    Blake Ritson as Edward III
    Megan Follows as Maud
    All the best,

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    Yes, I liked it!

    My favourite names would be:

    There's also a Rose and an Alan in there, but they weren't major characters. I like the names though.

    I also loved The Pillars of the Earth, have you seen that one? It had a Remigius in it!
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    Hi Ottilie, thank you for reminding me about "Pillars of the Earth". This list of the cast and their characters is for you! The man who played Remigius has the great name of Anatole

    Pillars of The Earth Cast and Character List

    Ian McShane as Waleran Bigod - what a great name for a baddie!
    Rufus Sewell as Tom Builder
    Matthew Macfadyen as Prior Philip
    Eddie Redmayne as Jack Jackson - How cool is the surname Redmayne?
    Hayley Atwell as Aliena
    Liam Garrigan as Alfred Builder
    Tony Curran as King Stephen
    Sarah Parish as Regan Hamleigh
    David Oakes as William Hamleigh
    Robert Bathurst as Percy Hamleigh
    Alison Pill as Princess Maude
    Sam Claflin as Richard
    Skye Bennett as Martha Builder- the name of the actress is quite cool!
    Emily Holt as Martha (Older)
    Gordon Pinsent as the Archbishop
    Natalia Wörner as Ellen
    Anatole Taubman as Remigius
    Donald Sutherland as Earl Bartholomew
    Götz Otto as Walter
    Skye Lourie as Elizabeth
    Jody Halse as Johnny Eightpence - this name is too cute not to bold!
    David Bark-Jones as Francis
    Kate Dickie as Agnes Builder
    Sidney Johnston as Brother Jonathan
    Marl Phelan as Otto Blackface
    Tibor Pinter as Jacques Shareburg
    Freddie Boath as King Henry II
    Clive Wood as King Henry I
    Douglas Booth as Eustace
    Matt Devere as Robert of Gloucester
    Feodor Atkine as Abbot Suger
    Ken Follett as a merchant
    All the best,

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