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    I also prefer Clementine to Cleo. The nickname can be Cleo or there are a couple of other options if Cleo doesn't fit her. I find Clem, Clemmie, Emmie, Mentie all pretty.
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    I think Cleo is perfectly acceptable as a full name. I also like it better than Clementine.

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    I like them both. I sort of feel like Clementine is an Ultra Hipster name, so it depends on whether that bothers you or not. Cleo is an easy nickname and I would use it over Clem, for sure. I wouldn't worry too much about teasing for Clementine, unless you have mean adults in the family. Kids are highly unlikely to know the song these days... they just don't make sing alongs like they used to!

    Clio was on my short list for this kid, but was rejected by DH. I'm going to revisit later with the idea of Clover Leonie (I rejected Clover initially), nn Cleo (even if it's just me that calls her that), and see what he thinks.
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    Clementine! x1 000 000.

    I will say Cleo is my cousin's dog's name, so that's tainting it for me. But of the two, even without the dog name thing, Clementine for sure. I'm of course partial to Clover, another similar name.

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    ^ Cleo does sound like a dog name to me.

    I am really rather fond of Clementine, but I have to agree with a pp who said the name just doesn't age very well. I think she's right. It's ADORABLE on a kid, but picturing a grown woman with the name makes it... very eccentric at best, and bizarre and awkward at worst, I'm afraid.
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