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    Cleo or Clementine?

    I have my fears that Cleo is too nicknamey to stand alone as a given name. A friend suggested Clementine NN Cleo so it gives Cleo a full name. I'm also worried though that Clementine is too much name. Would a little girl hate me for naming her Clementine with the song association? Which would you choose Cleo or Clementine?

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    If I had to choose, Cleo. Clementine is a bit much for me and I don't really like the fact that it sounds like a 4 year old's name. I honestly can't imagine a 20 year old business woman named Clementine, and I think it's important for a name to be able to fit anyone. I'm not really a fan of Cleo either since it is a bit nicknamey and I don't like the Cleopatra reference, but it is the best of the two.
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    I love Clementine. I really don't like Cleo at all.

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    I like them both and I've always been a fan of giving a child a full name, even if you want to use the nn. So Clementine is what I would choose.

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    Personally, I prefer Clementine, especially since you can always fall back on Cleo as a nickname.

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