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    Help Me Combine These Different Styles

    I have three very distinct naming styles, which is making it hard to make a list of favourites. On one hand, I like popular, shorter, vintage names {think Alice, Violet, Clara, Florence, Matilda, Arthur, Stanley, Dexter, Thomas}, on another I like more out-there names {e.g Ceridwen, Tempest, Ophélie/a, Éowyn, Lúthien, Faramir, Emrys, Evander, Orion}, and on another I like longer, more regal/elegant sounding names {Rosamund, Adelaide, Benedict}.

    Due to personal preferences, I don't like sibling set combinations that crossover each set, just because each style has a specific imagery {the vintage names make me think of the book-worm type, dressed in lace or knitted sweaters, my out-there names induce images of faeries and wizards and free-spirits, and my elegant names remind me of Georgian/Edwardian era aristocrats}. These styles just don't mesh well together to me. This imagery is really strong to me.. If it helps, I imagine that my children would be studious and bookworm-types, but hopefully with a little free-spirited creativity in them.

    So I was wondering if you can think of any names that blend together these styles without each one being too specifically attached to the imagery? I'd rather the names were unpopular but recognisable {so no Stanleys or Arthurs, but no Faramonds or Emryses either}. I know it's a lot to ask, so I'll take literally any suggestions that you have. And I'm not looking for the "normal first name + unusual middle name" formula, because I'm just not in love with any of the popular names. And I'm just looking for first names, my middle names will honour.

    I'm in the UK, by the way, so these names may not seem popular to those who aren't here, but they are to me.

    Thank you!

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    This is a very hard one to answer I'm afraid, as I'm sure you know! haha.. I will try to make suggestions that I like and see if you agree:
    Isadora (Gwenn)
    Vivienne (Eva)
    Maple (Genevieve)
    Easter (Penelope)
    Paisley (Merle)
    Delphine (Cricket)
    Norah (Maeby)

    Atticus (Duke)
    Tennyson (Kit)
    Edison (Dexter)
    Walter (Fox)
    Hudson (James)
    Lennox (Tyger)
    Archimedes (Moseby)
    Wilbur (Caleb)

    I'm from the UK too. I hope these helped but if not just let me know and I can try to make some more suggestions.

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    I like pp's suggestions of Merle & Delphine! They cross the lines wonderfully, especially with the origins of Delphine (Greek city of Delphi believed to be the womb of the earth, etc).

    My attempts:

    Arietty - romantic sound, but could also be vintagey & bookish thanks to the origin.
    Cressida - Mythological but still wearable. W/ cute nn "Cressie."
    Eira - beautiful Welsh name meaning "snow."
    Ginevra - Totally has that little bookworm image but still sounds ancient.
    Gwendolyn - Very recognizable, not popular, brings to mind both the studious girl & the romantic legend imagery.
    Paloma - Spanish meaning "dove," makes me think of a sweet little girl as well as a beautiful woman.
    Viola - Vintagey but also Shakespearean.

    Ambrose - vintage, storybook-ish but usable
    Barnaby - ditto
    Homer - not popular, totally recognizable, bookish & mythological
    Phineas - ancient but useable
    Orson - from the French fairy tale, but perfect for a little bookworm

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    That's a tall order, but I'll give it a go:

    Althea or Anthea - Elegant, not heard often anymore.
    Bettina - I'm partial, as it's one of my daughters' names, but I think she's vintage yet a bit fanciful.
    Calandra - Out-there, but similar enough to some common names that it'd blend in fairly well.
    Claudine - Vintage, but has an ethereal quality to me thanks to the faerie character on True Blood.
    Opal - Short and old-fashioned, with a sparkly quality due to the jewel connection.
    Rhiannon - The meaning alone seems to make her a natural fit here.
    Viviana - A regal elaboration of the vintage Vivian.

    Armand - Unusual, regal.
    Thaddeus - Has that ancient feel, but is recognizable.

    Sorry, I can't think of too many more boys' names!

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