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    Help updating grandparents' names for baby?

    Hello, all!
    My husband and I are expecting a baby girl at the end of February, and are having a tough time with a name. We had a name for a boy all picked out, but when we found it it was a girl we realized we're in a bit of trouble. We'd love to give her a family name but are having a difficult time, given our options. I'd love any suggestions!

    Here is what we have to work with. I'm listing both male and female names, in case inspiration strikes.

    Antoinette [I like Antonia, but he doesn't. Also, this particular grandmother has many namesakes, and my husband feels like it's getting tired in our family. Still, if I come up with something good, he might acquiesce ]

    Natale [we already have a Natalia in the family, unfortunately]
    William [Husband doesn't like "Willa"]

    Some ideas
    Mariella [a variation of Mary and Muriel]
    [I don't know, is this kind of a variation of Priscilla?]

    Non-sequiter ideas
    Emilia or Amelia [the ONLY name we both like]
    Magnolia [call her Maggie or Nola. It's the town I grew up in--an amazing, magical place]
    [I'm an ocean person, and Marin is a bit like Mary]

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Magdalene -- Madeleine, Lena, Malin (love this for you since you like Marin)
    Muriel -- Merle, Meryl
    Mary -- Marie/Maria, Miriam, Marion, Maura/Moira
    Natale -- Nathalie (probably too close to Natalia)
    Henry -- Etta, Hattie
    Rupert -- Robin
    Antoinette, Priscilla, William -- I've got nothin'

    Celia is a diminutive of Cecilia, not Priscilla, but if you like Celia it's close enough that you could probably use it in honor of Priscilla anyway.

    Emilia/Amelia -- I don't know if you pronounce these identically or not, but lots of people will say "eh-MEEL-ee-uh" or "uh-MEEL-ee-uh," respectively.
    Magnolia -- Not really my style, but I do like both Maggie and Nola. There's also Margaret nn Maggie and Finola nn Nola.
    Lily -- Pretty, but very popular (in the US) if that's something you're taking into consideration.
    Marin -- I love it. I also like the Maren spelling.

    My favorite suggestion for you is Malin. Good luck!

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    Congratulations and here are a few suggestions for you:
    Merle (Muriel)
    Mariel (Muriel)
    Wren (Henry)
    Dale (Magdalene)
    Lena (Magdalene)
    Miriam (Mary)
    Maggie (Mary)
    Etoile'e (Antoinette) (ET-W-ARE-LEE)

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    I LOVE Mary. I wouldn't update it. I also like Priscilla and Amelia from your list.

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    I kind of love Magnolia (Nola) Magdelena.

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