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    I really love Magnolia instead of Magdelena. You could try Margaret or Margo/Marot, Maggie, Agnes, or Aggie, Delia, Delena, Delaney. Nola or Nolia are even adorable on their own. Nella or Nellia are similar.

    Margaret, Margo/Margot, Marina, Mariana, and Mamie are all alternatives to Mary. Rosemary or Rosemarie are too, plus can give her a variety of nicknames (Rose, Rosie, Roe, Romie, Ari).

    Willow could be an alternative to William; it can work as a first and middle name too.

    Instead of Priscilla, Prisca, Cilla, Cecilia, Presley, Camilla, Piri, Posy, Poppy, Pella, Piper, Persephone, Pearl, Primrose, Isabella.

    Henry can be Henrietta, Rupert can be Ruby.

    Natalie can be Naomi.

    Don't forget, you can always use a first name you love that isn't family related, but then put a family name as her middle.

    Are there any other place names that are special to either your husband and you, or maybe to other's in the family? (In example, my mother was born and grew up in Elgin (Ellie), and my father was born and grew up in South Dakota (Dakota).
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    Antoinette - Tina

    Priscilla - Presley

    Magdalene - Magnolia could work or any Margaret derivative (Meg, Megan, Maisie), Dina, Lena

    Muriel - Any name ending in -elle could work. Isabelle, Danielle, Laurel.

    Mary - Maribel, Marielle, Marisol, Marin, Marian, Mariana

    Henry - Etta, Hailey.

    Rupert - Rubena (with the nn Ruby), Ruby alone, Perla.

    If you both like Amelia/Emilia I would go with that and throw in the 'in honor of' names in the middle.
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    What about Wilhelmina nn Mina?
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    I love Magnolia! It has meaning for you, and great nickname potential. I think it could work in either the middle or the first name spot. I also like Marin. What do you think of Marin Magnolia?

    Some other ideas:

    Tonya or Tanya for Antoinette?

    Natasha instead of Natalie?

    I also like the suggestion of Willow for William

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    Antoinette [I like Antonia, but he doesn't. Also, this particular grandmother has many namesakes, and my husband feels like it's getting tired in our family. Still, if I come up with something good, he might acquiesce ]

    - Other than Antonia, I can't think of anything besides Antonietta. If she already has a lot of namesakes you should probably drop it.


    - nn form of Priscilla "Cilla" could work. If you want to spice up Priscilla and make it LOOK more modern you could try Pryscilla.


    - For this I have a genius idea: Why not merge this w/ Magnolia to honor your relative and your town? Maggie could be a nn for either. This could be the link connecting the two. Name her Magnolia.


    - Here's where my genius runs out. I don't know how to modernize this.


    - There are infinite variations of Mary - Marie, Maria, Marietta, Mariana, Marianne.....

    Natale [we already have a Natalia in the family, unfortunately]

    - Natalie or Natasha could work.

    William [Husband doesn't like "Willa"]

    - Willow could be an alternative to Willa.


    - Henrietta is the feminized Henry. nn could be Henny or Etta.


    - No ideas about this one.

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