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    Layani,Leiarni, Leiani, Laarni, Layarni???

    Hi, think we have our list down to 2 names that we actually agree on! All the way through I have loved Leilani hubby didn't he says its a mouthful so we have now changed it to Layani ( removed the L in the middle) can be spelt Leiani, Laarni, Layarni, Layani, Leiarni, not sure which way yet?? HELP? Which way would u spell and what are ur opinions?? another name that popped up is Leiarna?!! That's similar and pretty I think.
    Hubby loves Sienna. I like both names and would love middle name to b Belle but he says nooooo! any other suggestions on middle names and which name u think is prettier? Think we are going with Leiarni Sienna but not set in stone yet. would really appriciate opinions on the names and how u would spell?! I want the name prounounced as Lay- arn- ee ! We do like unusual names our son is called Kailan ( Ky-LAN)

    Thank you xx

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