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    Layani,Leiarni, Leiani, Laarni, Layarni???

    Hi, think we have our list down to 2 names that we actually agree on! All the way through I have loved Leilani hubby didn't he says its a mouthful so we have now changed it to Layani ( removed the L in the middle) can be spelt Leiani, Laarni, Layarni, Layani, Leiarni, not sure which way yet?? HELP? Which way would u spell and what are ur opinions?? another name that popped up is Leiarna?!! That's similar and pretty I think.
    Hubby loves Sienna. I like both names and would love middle name to b Belle but he says nooooo! any other suggestions on middle names and which name u think is prettier? Think we are going with Leiarni Sienna but not set in stone yet. would really appriciate opinions on the names and how u would spell?! I want the name prounounced as Lay- arn- ee ! We do like unusual names our son is called Kailan ( Ky-LAN)

    Thank you xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarabell13 View Post
    All the way through I have loved Leilani hubby didn't he says its a mouthful so we have now changed it to Layani ( removed the L in the middle) would really appriciate opinions on the names
    Leilani (three syllables) is no more of a mouthful than Leyani (three syllables). Getting rid of the L does absolutely nothing except make it look like you don't know how to spell Leilani.

    Leilani Sienna is lovely. Go with that or come up with a different first name.

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    I much prefer the original Hawaiian name of Leilani and personally, I don't find it a mouthful at all. It just rolls off the tongue and it's meaning of "heavenly flower" is gorgeous. I'm afraid all of your spellings would diminish any charm the name has for me. My advice to you: if you're going to make up a name, keep it as simple as possible because your daughter will probably have to spell it for the rest of her life. Keep the spelling as close to the way it's pronounced. I would go with Layarni if you want the "lay-arn-nee" pronunciation. I have to say that Leilani is much prettier in sound and look than Layarni but that's just my taste.
    All the best,

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    I much prefer Leilani, too. It's beautiful and is much easier to pronounce to those of us unfamiliar with Hawaiian names. Taking out the L makes the pronunciation more stilted (to me) and the spelling looks off.

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    I only like Leilani. The others just look unnecessarily complicated or misspelled.

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