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    I used to be so iffy about Jane for the reasons you mentioned. But, the more I read Jane Austen, the more I fell in love with Jane. It flows off the tongue so nicely and it's an endearing classic. I like Vera too, but it seems too trendy, whereas Jane is perennial.

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    There's a reason why Jane has been used for centuries - it's a timeless name which is very feminine, yet it does so without being frilly. If you're not sure about Jane, then perhaps you could use it as a middle name. Personally, I like Jane more than Vera, but Vera Jane has a nice ring to it. And you can always use Jane as a nickname. I have a.cousin who's named Ella but half the time she goes by Rosie (her middle name is Rose).
    Hope this helps!!!

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    I think Jane is a very beautiful name - it's a classy name. Go for it.
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    I have a friend named Jane and none of the references you mentioned ever crossed my mind. Jane is lovely.

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    Jane is a lovely name! The only time I've heard it turn into a nickname is Janie, which is also kind of cute up to a certain age.

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