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    Nervous about Jane

    My husband and I love the name Jane, but all the nicknames associated with the name are starting to scare us away from the name. We are two months away and flooded with doubts! I am starting to lean towards Vera. Thoughts? Am I cursing our daughter to a life of "Plain Jane," "Jane doe," and "G.I. Jane?"

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    Jane is lovely and sweet. I would be real charmed to meet a little girl named Jane.

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    Jane is so lovely and classic. There are going to be weird name associations for any name, and the ones you mention are not bad.

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    I love the name Jane. I've known only two in my entire life and they're both about 27 or so now. It's classic and beautiful without being fussy.

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    Love Jane! I agree that it's classic & beautiful, also strong, yet feminine.

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