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    Atticus, Dexter and Octavia??

    Still trying to decide, due in 5 weeks. Which girl name do you think goes best with her brothers' names?

    Atticus, Dexter, Evangeline (I love)
    Atticus, Dexter, Vivienne (I love)
    Atticus, Dexter, Iris, (I love)
    Atticus, Dexter, Scarlett (hubs loves)
    Atticus, Dexter, Elle (I love)
    Atticus, Dexter, Octavia (hubs really loves)
    Atticus, Dexter, Violet

    ??? Help!
    Thank you

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    My favorites with Atticus and Dexter are Vivienne and Scarlett. I am not a fan of Octavia.
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    My son is Dexter too! <3 I love Octavia and Evangeline personally. Like all your choices really. Vivienne, Scarlett and Elle would be off my list just because I know kids with those names.

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    I like Octavia, Scarlett and Vivienne (in that order) best with Dexter and Atticus.

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    I LOVE Iris, but it has the same ending sound as Atticus, unfortunately. I think Octavia would be spectacular in this sibset, it really stands out among your list as something fresh, exciting and different. My second choice as a set would be Atticus, Dexter and Violet, they seem to belong together, full of vintage charm. Evangeline and Vivienne are pretty.
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