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  • Magnolia Belle

    27 64.29%
  • Lottie Belle

    9 21.43%
  • Talulah Belle

    10 23.81%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted Tallulah as I think it sound best with Milo, Hazel and Violet.
    I agree Lottie is really nicknamey next to the other names and Magnolia just isn't my cup of tea for a name.

    I think Tallulah is both a solid name and cutesy.
    I love the suggested nickname of Lulu Belle

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    I picked Magnolia Belle. I think Talulah Belle is some celeb baby's exact name so maybe Google that one. To me, Talulah is quite a mouthful and Belle just sends it into the over-the-top sing-songy & sweet category. Lottie is too nicknamey for me, but I see it as a likable choice, but with Belle it feels way too juvenile for me. Lottie Anabelle or Lottie anything-belle is better imo. Magnolia feels more sophisticated to it carries Belle the best. I usually try to steer folks away from 2 word names on one child, but this one works best imo.

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    All three are adorable. Lottie Belle might be a little too cute together though, so I'd rule it out. Talulah is borderline, however I really dig it.

    Magnolia Belle is the best mix of grounded and cute, so I think that'd be my top choice.
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    Magnolia Belle, definitely! Very pretty

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