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  • Magnolia Belle

    27 64.29%
  • Lottie Belle

    9 21.43%
  • Talulah Belle

    10 23.81%
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    Magnolia, Lottie or Talulah

    Hi Nameberries

    We are currently expecting our fourth bundle of joy in 7 days! We alread have Milo Deegan, Violet Pearl and Hazel-Mae Sadie <3<3<3 The three names that I keep coming back to are Magnolia, Lottie and Talulah. The middle name will be Belle. I love all three names but have reservations about each:confused. Just wondering what other people think of these names and which one would you go with?
    Hope to hear some advice and get some clarity before our last little princess arrives

    Thank you xo

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    I was going to choose Lottie, until I saw that middle is Belle.

    Belle is trendy, princessy, cute and childish (but it's not terrible) and Lottie is nickname (no problem with that), but together they sound trashy.

    What about Lottie Annabelle, Lottie June, Lottie Arabella, Lottie Belphoebe (The Fairy Queen)... Lottie Bellicent...

    Voted for Magnolia Belle
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    I like names that provide a child with options. - Lottie really doesn't offer many options. I also don't think it is nearly as pretty as Violet and Hazel. Magnolia is pretty and of course she could go by Maggie or Maggie-Belle if she chooses but I prefer Talulah Belle. Tallulah is beautiful and she has the options to go by Tally, Tally-Belle, Lulu, or Lulu-Belle.
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    I like Magnolia because of the nn Maggie.
    Lottie is very cute- but it sounds a bit like a nick name to me. I prefer Charlotte Belle nn Lottie.
    Talulah is cute but the spelling you like isn't as intuitive to me. I prefer Tallulah- especially nn Lula.
    Milo, Violet, Hazel-Mae and Lula would make a great set of siblings.

    Oh and I love the middle name Belle!
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    I voted for Lottie Belle. It is so cute! Magnolia brings to mind Steel Magnolias. I strongly, STRONGLY dislike Talulah. Lottie Belle is the perfect balance.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. : )
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