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    Caroline -- I like this name, but I know about 3 baby Carolines born just this summer...
    Penelope -- I like this name
    Vivienne -- I like it..but I prefer Victoria
    Aurora -- I just don't get the appeal of this name, sorry
    Emmaline -- prefer Emmeline
    Corinne -- It's okay
    Annabelle -- prefer the more simplistic spelling
    Lily -- love
    Felicity -- love
    Halle/Hallie -- nms
    Gwen/Gwendolyn/Guinevere -- I prefer Genevieve
    Matilda -- yes love it
    Beatrice -- nms
    Elosie/Elodie -- prefer Eloise
    Flora/Florence -- it's okay
    Belle -- as a nn yes, prefer longer name
    Claire -- yes love it
    Alice -- yes love it
    Amelia -- yes, but I prefer Emilia even though they aren't technically pronounced the same
    Eleanor -- yeah it's nice
    Clementine (Too out there?) -- too fruity for me
    Ellen -- meh
    Opal -- meh
    Isobel -- prefer Isabella
    Quinn -- nope
    Kate -- yes, prefer Cate
    Margot/Margaret -- it's okay
    Jane -- nice and simple
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    Emmeline (this spelling)

    Hallie (not Halle)
    Claire (prefer other spellings)

    Vivienne (prefer other spellings)


    Least Favorites:

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    Caroline/Emmaline/Clementine- Of your "line" ending names, I feel Caroline is the most beautiful and classic. If it were my short list, I would only have one "line" ending name on it (even if you wanted to pronounce the ending differently for each name). So I would drop Emmaline and Clementine

    Eleanor/Ellen- I feel these names are too close in sound to both be on the list. I personally prefer Ellen, as I feel that Eleanor is overdone, but you get more nickname options with Eleanor, and Eleanor seems to match the rest of your list the best. So I would drop Ellen

    Isobel/Annabelle/Belle- I love Isobel with this spelling. I prefer the Annabel spelling. Belle could be a nickname for either Isobel or Annabelle. I think your list only needs one of these names, and Isobel is just so beautiful. I would drop Annabelle and Belle.

    Gwen/Gwendolyn/Guinevere- Gwen can be a nickname for either Gwendolyn or Guinevere (and you may have noticed that I generally prefer longer names with nickname options when you already like the longer name anyway). I would choose Guinevere. Not only is it a beautiful name, but it also doesn't affect your other "line" names the way Gwendolyn would. I would drop Gwen and Gwendolyn

    Margot/Margaret- You can probably predict what I'm going to say by now, but Margot can be a nickname for Margaret. I prefer Margaret with the rest of your list, so I would drop Margot.

    Vivienne/Corinne- These names have really similar endings. Of the two, I prefer Vivienne and feel like she belongs on your list more given the styles of your other names. I would drop Corinne.

    Of the remaining names I like:
    Eloise or Elodie
    Florence (nn Flora)

    I would drop:
    Aurora (doesn't feel as classic as your other names, I have difficulty pronouncing the "r's", and there's an "adult movie" theater in my area called Aurora

    Quinn (doesn't match the rest of your list at all)

    Halle/Hallie (feels mismatched, as well)

    Top 5 combos:
    Felicity Caroline
    Matilda Eloise
    Beatrice Isobel
    Vivienne Margaret
    Eleanor Amelia

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    Caroline -- Classic. A similar name I love is Karolina [Car-o-LEEN-ah]
    Penelope -- I actually love this name, but don't think I could use it due to terribly negative reactions from my parents.
    Vivienne -- Not my style. Sounds like a spoiled brat....
    Aurora -- Love this. Northern Lights all the way! Seems mysterious and beautiful, but familiar enough to not be "out there" in the slightest.
    Emmaline -- Could be very cute on the right little girl.
    Corinne -- Not my style, but there is nothing wrong with it.
    Annabelle -- Like Corinne in that it isn't my style, but it is very fine.
    Lily -- Cute. Simple. Timeless. Although it is popular, it is not "without reason" (people will not ask "Why did we like that name?!")
    Felicity -- Also could be very cute, but I always imagine it on a redhead.... :P
    Halle/Hallie -- Too nicknamey for me.
    Gwen/Gwendolyn/Guinevere -- Guinevere is the best of the three.
    Matilda -- Will always be very cute
    Beatrice -- Not sure how I feel about this one.
    Elosie/Elodie -- Don't like Elosie, but Elodie makes me think of an adorable little girl with curly auburn hair and sparkly chocolate eyes.
    Flora/Florence -- Not a fan of either.
    Belle -- More middle name material in my opinion. But not bad.
    Claire -- Like it, but like Klara more.
    Alice -- It's okay, but not amazing.
    Amelia -- Similar to Alice for me.
    Eleanor -- Love this name! Also love Eleanora
    Clementine (Too out there?) -- Not my style, but still kind of cute. "Menti" could be an interesting nickname.
    Ellen -- My cousin's name. I like Helene or Helen better.
    Opal -- Not a fan.
    Isobel -- I like this more than Isabelle, but it is still very very popular.
    Quinn -- As I meet more and more Quinn's, the name grows on me.
    Kate -- Cute. Timeless.
    Margot/Margaret -- Meh. Not my style.
    Jane -- Maybe. Not really my style though.
    Nissa -- Elsa -- Rauha -- Karolina/Karoliina -- Melina -- Lucia -- Saoirse -- Dagny -- Rosemary -- Lydia -- Grace/Gracia -- Teresa -- Eleanora -- Kirsten "Kirsi"

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    Caroline- Very Southern; I like it. Cara and Carli can be nicknames.
    Penelope- Love this; its so quirky and quaint. I love the nickname Nell.
    Vivienne- I'm getting tired of this name, but it does have bad, personal associations to it. I prefer Vivica.
    Aurora- A beautiful name. Ora is a beautiful nickname.
    Emmaline- Very cute; I love Emma.
    Corinne- Cute.
    Annabelle- I don't like -belle names.
    Lily- Very common, I prefer Lilla, Lilia, Layla.
    Felicity- I prefer Felixa.
    Halle/Hallie- I like Hallie better.
    Gwen/Gwendolyn/Guinevere- I prefer Gwendolyn.
    Matilda- The new Madison or Madelyn. Tilda or Tilly are cute nicks.
    Beatrice- I prefer Beatrix or Bellatrix.
    Elosie/Elodie- Very interesting alternatives to Eloise.
    Flora/Florence- I love the nickname Flo.
    Belle- Belle by itself is kind of plain.
    Claire- I've never liked this name; it always seemed snobbish to me.
    Alice- I prefer Alanis.
    Amelia- Very popular; a good alternative could be Ellia.
    Eleanor- Becoming just as popular. I like Ella or Nora.
    Clementine- I always thought this was super cute. If you're concerned with it being too out there, it has middle potential.
    Ellen- I prefer Elin or Llewellen.
    Opal- Love! I love O names, and opals are so gorgeous.
    Isobel-So tired of this.
    Quinn- Quirky but common; makes a great middle.
    Kate- Very popular, lacks personality, in my opinion. Kit is a cuter alternative.
    Margot/Margaret- I love Margot, though I prefer Margo. If you like Margot, you may like Junot.
    Jane- Can make a name super quirky as a middle. As a first, its pretty plain, and I prefer June as a first.

    Great firsts.
    Great middles.
    Either or.
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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