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    Rank My Names w/ Reasons if Possible

    Here is the list, in random order:

    1. Calla
    2. Arabella
    3. Emmeline
    4. Hazel
    5. Jane
    6. Clara
    7. Eleanora
    8. Pryscilla
    9. Lily
    10. Charlotte
    11. Annabel
    12. Josephine
    13. Verity
    14. Anneliese
    15. Isadora
    16. Alice
    17. Estella
    18. Zora

    Favorite Girls:
    Annabel/Annabella, Alice, Arabella, Clara, Dara, Della, Emmeline, Flora, Freya, Isadora, Josephine, Livia, Mara, Thea/Theodora, Violet/Violetta, Zara

    Favorite Boys:
    Archer, Blake, Bryce, Chandler, Charles/Charlie, Clark, Clayton, Clyde, Graham, Harlan, Rhett, Slade, Tate, Wyatt, Zane

    Violetta Jane|Della May|Emmeline Violet|Stella Jade|Mara Vivian|Flora Dixie|Zara Delphine

    Wyatt Joseph|Bryce Greyson|Will Tate|Nate Charles

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    1. Calla 5/10: it's okay, but I prefer it as a nickname (e.g. for Calliope).
    2. Arabella 8/10: really pretty, but perhaps a little too frilly for me. LOVE the nn Bella, however.
    3. Emmeline 9/10: love this name, best when pronounced Emm-uh-LEEN
    4. Hazel 9/10: funky and vintage, I love it
    5. Jane 6/10: a bit meh for me
    6. Clara 8.5/10: love it, especially after the character in Heidi
    7. Eleanora 9/10: can never decide if I prefer Eleanor or Eleanora but I love them both. I love how easy it is to get Nora out of Eleanora though.
    8. Pryscilla 4/10: would definitely prefer Priscilla but still not a fan of the associations (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Priscilla Presley). I love that she's a character in Anne of Green Gables though.
    9. Lily 7/10: pretty but too popular at the moment. Love the flower though. I'm considering Lily as a second name (Genevieve Lily)
    10. Charlotte 7/10: see above to Lily! Love the nn Lottie
    11. Annabel 8/10: really like it but my sister has claimed it! :P
    12. Josephine 8.5/10: love this name and the nn Josie, but unfortunately I have a negative association with the name (a girl from high school)
    13. Verity 6/10: I love the meaning and everything, but for some reason I'm not really on board with 'V' names and I don't know why! (Also another negative association with this one)
    14. Anneliese 7/10: have considered this name for a while, and this is my favourite spelling, but there are SO MANY possible spellings! I like the nn Annie too; although I prefer Anastasia for that.
    15. Isadora 8/10: considered this too! Love the nn Izzy, but the Isadora Duncan reference is a bit sad
    16. Alice 9/10: this is 100% going to be a mn for first daughter. LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I hesitate to use it as a fn only because of its popularity.
    17. Estella 8/10: pretty, and love the reference to Great Expectations. Stella is a pretty nn too. Not quite my style, but I still really really like it.
    18. Zora 4/10: not on board I'm afraid. However, Zara would get 9/10 from me. Isn't it strange how one letter makes a difference? I love Zara!

    You have beautiful taste! Good luck

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    We have different taste...I like the first 4 of these as middle names, though. I'm neutral on most of them, and the last few are a bit prissy or unpleasant in the case of Hazel.
    1. Jane
    2. Verity
    3. Josephine
    4. Anneliese
    5. Calla
    6. Zora
    7. Emmeline
    8. Eleanora
    9. Clara
    10. Arabella
    11. Lily
    12. Charlotte
    13. Annabel
    14. Alice
    15. Estella
    16. Isadora
    17. Hazel
    18. Pryscilla

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    From favourite to least favourite:

    1. Charlotte: My favourite from your list. I love this name so much!
    2. Clara: Very pretty, a lovely name.
    3. Jane: Jane Eyre & Jane Austen, I love them both.
    4. Josephine: I love Jo March in Little Women, as you can see I'm a classic novel fanatic.
    5. Alice: Yes, there is Alice in Wonderland, but my favourite Alice is Alice Munro from Last of the Mohicans.
    6. Hazel: "Hazel Grace." When I hear the name Hazel is makes me smile, (here goes the book rambling again) man I loved The Fault in Our Stars!

    The next few are ones that I like, but don't love. In order:
    7. Calla
    8. Eleanora
    9. Anneliese
    10. Annabel
    11. Emmeline
    12. Lily

    And these ones I'm not too fond of:
    13. Verity
    14. Isadora
    15. Arabella
    16. Estella
    17. Zora
    18. Pryscilla
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Bascially, most your names are pretty much combos of Anna and Ella. My advice is to avoid names that don't have these sounds because you probably like them for reasons that won't hold up over time. I hope that makes sense.

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