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    New here & need help!

    I'm so glad I found this forum. I was on another one but people there were very harsh. Just by reading some of the threads here everone seems nice!

    Anyway. I'm expecting my third and it's a boy.

    I have two other sons

    Kellan Cabot he is 12 and Finn Merrick who is 9
    (Yes, this baby was unexpected but not unwanted!!)

    Here is what we have so far BTW our last name is more commnon as a first name ;-)

    Daron Quinn

    Ashlan Quinn

    My husband likes Aydon this is not made up. It's also the name of a castle in England my DH is obsessed with! lol

    or any other suggestions would be wonderful!!

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    Great names! I do like Aydon Quinn, but everyone will think it's another creative spelling of an overly popular name. Hmmm...Oliver Quinn would be cute w/the boys' names. Or Liam, Declan, Dylan, and this one might be a bit far-fetched, but I'm loving Somerset lately (and it has both literary and geographical cred).

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    Great names in your family so far!
    In my opinion Ashlan is too close to Ashlyn/Ashlin so it sounds very feminine to me. Would you consider Asher Quinn or Ashton Quinn? I absolutely love Asher Quinn. Aydon is a good choice as well.
    Daron sounds like Darren. Personally I like the sound of the name but I am not a fan of "creative spellings".
    I noticed all the names you like end in N so here are a few ideas:

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    Quote Originally Posted by celticgael View Post
    It's also the name of a castle in England my DH is obsessed with! lol
    Bit of an odd castle to choose! Why the obsession? Also, I can't find any evidence that - other than the English place - it's not just a trendy spelling of Aidan.
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    I like Aydon Quinn a lot! But Aiden/kaden and it's various spellings are super popular, so it just depends on how much you care about your child having a more unique name from his classmates. Which might not matter at all to you, but just pointing out that type of name has skyrocketed recently.

    I like Ashlan but it sounds so much to be like Aslan from Narnia, but that's just me! I do second the Asher suggestion, though.

    Here are some other suggestions to consider:

    Oliver Quinn
    Kieran Quinn (seems like you have some gaelic names with the other boys?)
    Hudson Quinn
    Caleb Quinn
    Killian Quinn
    Keegan/Keagan Quinn

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