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    Save my brain cells...I need a boys version of Gloria!

    Baby number 3 is due in a few weeks. If the baby is a girl I've already laid down the law...her name will be Gloria, nn Glory, after my wonderful, amazing Grandmother. Thankfully my husband is happy to concede to my name choice. Buuuuut....we are pretty confident this baby is a boy and I'm not going to stick a boy with a name like Gloria. I shudder to think what the kids in school will do with that. :/

    Anyho...Since we do not have any boy names that we particularly care for I'm thinking I'd like to somehow incorporate my Grandmother in the babies name even if it is a boy. Any of you creative berries out there have a suggestion for a masculine version of Gloria or even a name that gives a nod in that direction? And in case you're grandmothers surname was Gosnell and married name Staley...neither are particularly an optimal FN choice in my opinion. *sigh* That would have made it too easy.

    I'd also love some input on our "eh, we kinda like, at least don't hate, maaaaay consider" boys name list: Grey, Leith, Ryan, Tobias, and Flynn.

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    Glory sounds a lot like Ory. I think it would be fine on a boy. "Old Glory." Is a very patriotic, manly sounding expression.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Boy names that mean Glory (nms, but I'll throw them out there anyway):
    Boris ... "Small; battle glory."
    Cadogan ... "Battle glory."
    Cleon ... "Glory."
    Cleophas ... "Vision of glory."
    Cletus ... "Glory."
    Hadar ... "Splendor, glory. ornament; citrus fruit."
    Hercules ... "Hera's glory."
    Ichabod ... "The glory is gone."
    Pericles... "surrounded by glory"
    Polk... "great glory"

    If you just want to use a G name, your options open up a lot more. Or you can always use her maiden/married name as a middle if that's something you are into.

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    Staley has one letter difference to Stanley (a somewhat old school choice). It would make a fine first or middle. (I am thinking of one of my many favorite television characters Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins from Bones.) Staley or Gosnell could be middle names (a big trend in my extended family).
    I don't want to get to personal, but if she was devoted to her husband, you could use grandfather's name to honor them. Also if she had any interests like music, you could use them to honor her.
    I personally like G names like Gregory and Gideon.
    Good Luck!

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    I would use Gosnell for his middle name. Tobias Gosnell sounds good to me. Or you could do Grey Gosnell so they have the same initials. I think using the same initials and her maiden name honors her perfectly.

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